Poll - Most influential woman on the political stage?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Harriet Harperson forgetting Margeret Thatcher's name?

  2. Margeret Thatcher being elected as the first female Pime Minister of the United Kingdom?

  3. The election of Neena Gill the UK’s first Asian female MEP?

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  4. The election of the first female Head of Government – Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the Prime Minister of

  5. The election of Dianne Abbott the first black woman MP in 1987

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  1. Following a lively thread on Labour Trying to Alter History and a valid point from mrshanklysboots on my generalisation that most on this forum were anti-Liebour, I thought a quick poll on Arrse members' most influential woman on the political stage might be in order.

    So here it is.
  2. None of the above; they're all communists.
  3. Now I've been wrong in the past (not that hard to admit is it Whet Sven?) but I reckon this is a no brainer. I was mightily disappointed to see that Harman had been included in the options cos I reckon she is a cock and that is confusing me as to what gender group she should be placed in.
  4. Yup. Point taken - I included her because (im my opinion) Liebour's crime was to airbrush Margeret Thatcher from history (hence Harperson forgetting her name).
  5. Bodicca?

    Golda Meir?

    Queen Elizabeth I?

    Queen Victoria?

    Queen Elizabeth II?


    And, no, I didn't read the second question....
  6. Surely Lady Astor? - the first female non-monarch to be involved in the business of government.
  7. I'm a huge fan of Boudicca Litotes, but my non-revisionist history does not make her eligable for 1907 - 2008.

    Yes, you're right carrots. Will try to adjust the poll.
  8. Thatcher should not be airbrushed from history......she should be sledghammered!
  9. I would actually say that, alas, it was indeed harriot thingy that is the most significant....

    after all you don't see a rabid "feminist" and promotor of wimmins rites etc, who has decided that the liebour leadership is too important to "trust" to an all male team "omitting" a fellow sister (who was undoubtedly an influential woman on the political stage (and definitly more influential than harriot)) from a list of such women, everyday.
  10. And erm - yon Bird who threw herself in front of the horses to get the vote.

    Called "Makethemensufferagette" or something.

  11. I thought New Zealand elected the first female head of state in the 1920's
  12. As much as I dislike your labourite tendencies I have to agree on this point. Pankhurst did wonders standing up to th government of the day ensuring that emancipation was given to all in society. She managed to bring the government to the table by whatever means necassary and if wasn't for her Split Arrses wouldn't be allowed to vote people like Harman into positions of power. She's probably been left off the list as she too was a Tory!
  13. I demand Satisfaction Sir!
    Left - I'll take, but Labourite? NEVER! :)
  14. As she's been the boss for 57 of the 102 years which appear to be under consideration, with the power to hire and fire Prime Ministers (and in more than one country) at will, the most significant woman on the political stage, if using the term 'politics' in its broadest sense has been, and remains, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and her accession in 1952 is the most significant event.

    If talking about party politics, then - whatever you think of her - it has to be Thatcher, simply because she was the first female British PM. A town councillor has nowhere near the same political influence as a backbench MP, and that backbench MP has nowhere near as much influence and power as the PM. So in party political terms, her election.

    Diane Abbott becoming an MP in 1987 - er, no. Her inclusion on Harriet's little list means that we're meant to take Abbott's skin colour into account. Hmmm. Very PC, Harriet. Surprised there wasn't "Oooh, didn't she do well?" in brackets just to make the patronising element more obvious, but you were probably too busy crowing about airbrushing Thatcher out of history to think of that, weren't you, Mrs Dromey?

    Right now, every time Harman does something or opens her mouth has the most party political influence as she comes up with ever dafter, right-on ideas which alienate the voters Blair worked so hard to con...vince that life under New Labour would be a blissful utopia.

    By the by, the Suffragette in the Horse/Woman interface moment was Emily Wilding Davison (who amongst other things slept in a cupboard in the House of Commons on the night of the 1911 Census, so her address was 'House of Commons; she also bombed Lloyd George's house)
  15. pistols or swords? ;)
    Face it mate communists lefties socialists bolsheviks and a whole host of others are bracketed into voting labour therefore you are a labourite! Who else represents the Left these days - apart from the Torys and the lib dems. FFS the BNP occupy more of the centre ground There is no right wing because the lefties all shout too loudly if anyone mentions getting off your arrse and working for what you earn!