Poll: Marmite Egg Banjo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wessex_warrior, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. A damn fine idea, delicious!

  2. HERESY!

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  1. My bird served me up a marmite egg banjo this morning, delicious! But is this still classified as a proper banjo? Or is it an illegal modification?
  2. Sweet baby Jesus! 8O 8O 8O
    This is very wrong, more wrong than leaving half a pint! more wrong than using kids to find mines! more wrong than letting your wife have the remote when the football is on!

  3. Hallveg I have it on good authority that you would eat almost anything!

    Are you saying that you don't like Marmite?

    Paff, Marmite is brill.
  4. :hungry:

    Good skills from your bird!

    Am now drooling on my keyboard.
  5. It's about as wrong as this...

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  6. When I was at school I used to have egg and marmite sandwiches for pack ups - my bag stunk but it was lovely.
  7. Its true I will, but that does nothing to explain the violation of the halo'd ground that is the egg banjo,

    bread + butter (or some such, omd 80 will do) + egg (fried)

    at no time should anything be added its not a democracy! FFS.

    ps Tommy sauce may be added at the local commanders discretion.

    pps Marmite is brill i agree
  8. As previously discussed, Marmite is the spawn of the devil and all users of it should be disembowelled. Bovril is the real thing.

    As for Banjos, the ONLY acceptable addition would be a spot of BROWN sauce. Ketchup should not be served on any meal before 1300. Says so in the bible.
  9. hallveg

    Only in the PM, Daddies in the AM.

    Loony you are very very sad and have put me of my NAAFI break.
  10. Apologies, I couldn't verbalise my disgust so I put "wrong" into Yahoo image search and look what I got! The picture was next to a marmite sandwich...
  11. nowt wrong with that , she made a nice chicken curry last night over mash, she went beserk when i squirted a load o marmite over it, food of kings. marmite on pasta,s nice too.
  12. Fried egg in bread = GOOOOOD
    Fried egg in toasted bread = GOOOOOOOOOOOOD
    Fried egg in toasted bread with sauce (red or brown) = GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

    Marmite on bread = OK
    Marmite on toasted bread = GOOOOOD

    Fried egg in toasted bread with marmite = WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG :x :x :x
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Marmite Banjo? Interesting idea. Might just try it for lunch and let you know..

    Marmite - food of the Gods. :)
  14. We like a bit of Marmite and an Egg Banjo is the food of Emperors! However, I'm not convinced. I may have to suck it and see. Wait out.
  15. RTFQ


    I take it from the avarter that you're from the land of the long white cloud, so such an abortion of a banjo is probably allowed down there. Unfortunately for you, this is a civilized country and there are a great many things that are allowed in NZ that are prohibited over here. Like copulation with your own sister, or marmite in general.

    I salute some of your nation's exports - like Monteiths and women with well developed pelvic floor muscles, but shouting about egg and marmite banjos is the kind of thing that gets your yacht blowed up.