Poll - King/Queen of Knob Island?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, May 7, 2008.

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  1. Amy Winehouse

  2. Davina McCall

  3. Vernon Kay

  4. Graham Norton

  5. John Barrowman

  6. Melanie Sykes

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  7. Cast of 'My Family'

  1. UK is fast becoming Knob Island thanks to an overwhelming number of annoying, hateful characters on TV that are even on our mainstream news, there's no getting away from the wealthy, overfed cnuts. :x

    I've not included Gordon Brown, Cherie Bliar, Paul Burrell etc. (that would be too easy) so take your pick. Any I've forgot?
  2. Pete Dogsh*tey.
  3. Graham Norton is possibly the least talented, most unfunny, pervert to wield the role of MC on any television channel. His predilection for finding pleasure in what should be the main sewer of the body notwithstanding, it is no surprise that he has crept into an early lead in this poll.

    I presume that Libertines front man and wormwood Scrubs most recent release, Pete Doherty, was not included as the survey has a longer life expectancy than him?
  4. jordan and peter
  5. 'Spose I'd better give my reasons:

    Amy Winehouse - She's taking the pi55 and she's still got fans?
    Davina McCall - Childish, twisty face moron, looks like ex.
    Vernon Kay - Stop smiling you cnut. The twats everywhere.
    Grahan Norton - Disgusting little man. The twats everywhere.
    John Barrowman - Seen his website? Dramatises every sentence like we give a damn. Very punchworthy.
    Melani Sykes - Ahhhh, that silent teethy fake laugh at everything everyone says! Just get your teets oot.
    Cast of My Family - That's comedy?
  6. I thought you might have had Ali Carter on your list. :lol: :

  7. All said and done he's still a nice lad!

    Damn, I forgot Jordan! But she and Doherty are not 24/7 in your face. Thats' where I'm coming from. You know, switch the TV on, pick a channel and atleast 3 nights a week you'll get one of the above morons.
  8. :x

    Uncanny... I was reading of his early release this morning in the newspaper and the first thought that came to mind when i saw his picture was "God I would love to nail that fcuking cnut to a burning pig and attempt to put him out with a chain."

    Oh well, "There is no justice, only me," as someone once said...!!

  9. Damn! I had Gordon Ramsey written down too! OK bloke but please, no more Ramsey reincarnated cookery programmes, surely you've got enough money in the coffers by now. Overload.
  10. Fek me... I had to Google all but the U.K's No: 1 junkie... I'm bad on remembering names.

    Never mind just Ramsey though... ALL TV CHEFS... every single one of them is a complete boring, scamming, faking bastaard. Simple... if you can't cook - don't cook - fekkin starve!
    Tablets please...
  12. Looks like Winehouse get it by more than a snorting nose. I knew she would though second place is interesting. Maybe I should add this link to the grotty little mans website forum if he has one....

    Norton was at a autobiography book signing thing in Waterstones a couple of years ago. Damn, that was my chance!
  13. Heard a good one about that crater faced cnut Gordon Ramsay this morning on the radio; it seems that the little darlings at the school his son attends have ID'd Ramsay Jr. & take great delight in teaching him a new swear word every day to go home with, so his cursing vocab is now nearly as extensive as his old man's.....Good drills!
    Now if he really wants to know about how to swear, he ought to visit this site....... :wink:
    Liked the one about being nailed to a burning pig & putting it out with a chain - lol!
  14. 54 votes and not a single one for Melanie Sykes. Well I'd better give her one then... ho hum.... :roll:
  15. my vote...Amy Winehouse.
    she's made a living out of being an alchoholic and drug addict.
    She drinks her income goes up, we mere mortals drink our income goes down.

    WHY?! WHY GOD!? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!