Poll - How confident in the Yanks?

There have been a few comments made in "All the gear, no idea" about what you think of the yanks. There have also been some accusations of "Yank bashing" in a certain aviation related website made against anyone who dares suggest that the Yanks are a bit of a liability towards the British.

Personally, I think that there are good and bad in the US forces, but there is a prevalence of friendly fire incidents, including ones during low intensity operations that make me wonder about their awareness of other nationalities in any coalition. What do you guys think?
Ill let ORG explain what he had on top of his truck on GW1 that should answer the above question adequatley

The best thing about a Northern Ireland posting was the 100% lack of SPAMS


We wouldn't be there now if it wasn't for them and their gear, now some are arguing that our being there in the first place is a is a bad thing, I don't want to go down that route.  Would our guys on the ground be happy engaging as they are currently without the support from the multitude Yank gear out there...??
But if we didn't rely on them so heavily maybe we could address our own problems without trying to police the planet.

Saying that the mobile PX is always a welcome sight ;D


I think the plethra of 'friendly fire incidents over the last 5-10 years says it all.

The technology is so advanced and the tactics so diverse the incidents will happen- not sure why it is always the Americans doing it!

In GW1 we felt more threatened by the Americans and were always wary of any overflying A10s etc.

If the Iraqis hold out for any lenght of time they can work on the the assumption the Yanks will provide them with an Allied body-count.

Be interesting to read an US perspective, as the News from US in Qatar just say 'Well $hit happens'
On my last trip to the desert, many many moons ago, i was always very aware of one contradiction to the cam and concealment we carried out on our stationary vehicles.  After time and no uncertain effort was put in with hessian and scrim-net to make us "invisible" to the enemy, a large union jack (double bed-sheet size!) was unfurled on to the ground just outside, pinned down by rocks at the corners.  At night, well, we just hoped.


I think that the incidence of 'blue on blues' 'friendly fire' etc is likely to continue in the next few days, if what is being broadcast on the news is anything to go by.

Prolonged and apparently unexpected levels of resistance in the south around Basra and Um Qasr, (which were both expected to be walkovers) mean that coalition forces are likely to be in close proximity to Iraqi formations all the way along the MSR's leading north from Kuwait. As well as this, if todays Torygraph is right there are thousands of Iraqi deserters and members of Saddams militias and the Ba'ath party wandering around Basra and other who may or may not be pleased to see us. In addition there are still many Iraqi Units in the south of the country along the east bank of the Euphrates that may need to be dealt with whilst the US Army closes in on Baghdad.

This will lead troops on the ground to be very wary about who exactly is approaching them. The sense of uncertainty can only be made worse by the reports of Iraqi's in civilain clothing or waving white flags apparently luring our side into ambushes.

The Americans will respond to situations like these where they are required to stand and fight by deploying massive ammounts of firepower, which when they are in close proximity to our forces (3 Cmdo Bde especially) will heighten the danger of our blokes been bombed, strafed etc.

Sadly, it does seem that the US tendancy  towards bombing or shooting down their own allies is set to continue. Hopefully I'll be proved well and truly wrong, but given the speed and fluidity with which the battle is developing I think that there will be more friendly fire deaths.


Having worked v closely with US forces over the years, I can say that the main reason for them fcuking up more than any other nation, is their breathtaking arrogance and over-confidence.  Even the lowest of peons thinks he is God's gift to armed conflict.  they have all been sold the great lie... money and technology maketh a more superior army.  All it does is buy more expensive mistakes.

Ye can't beat seat-of-the pants trainig and humility as practised by the British.


Having worked v closely with US Forces over the years, perhaps you could let others into the secret of how you are still here to tell the tale. It might save a few lives.  ;D


Hey BH, Guess I was just v lucky!  They do make good burgers though..