Politics - what goes around comes around.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KhakiCrab, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Folks

    I hold no particular brief for the current incumbent of No 10 Downing Street or his government, but are the Tories likely to be any better?

    There seems to me to be an overwhelming hatred for what I have seen referred to as Neu Arbeit, Nu Liarbor, ZANUNL, etc, take your pick, but ask yourself the question, if ARRSE had existed fifteen years ago, would you all have been saying the same things about the Tories? I'm old enough to remember the Thatcher years and, by God, that woman engendered some powerful hatred at the time. Revisionist history is treating her more kindly and in some ways is probably right, but my point is that the sitting government EXISTS to be the fig 11 target for every gripe and complaint we can muster about life and society.

    I won't be voting Labour at our next General Election, and despite 'the boy David' being my local MP, I won't be voting for him either (Monster Raving Loony again, then?)

    So can any one give me a coherent and sensible reason why 'it's all Labour's fault', or will it all just descend into mindless, bigotted and ill-informed vitriol like usual?
  2. Take your pick on a specific issue and use the search button.It is true that some postings on ZANU are little more than rants (I am guilty of this myself),however the failings of ZANU are well documented here and on other sites,in reasoned and well thought out debate.

    Will 'Callmeabsent/Dave' and the tories do any better?The general concensus is that they wont be able to do any worse (snigger),but they will have there work cut out for them as labour seem intent on running a scorched earth policy and really do seem to have a bunker mentality.

    Personally I have little faith in politicians of any ilk as the game has changed from one of public service to one of personal advancement.
    I think the entire system needs a serious overhaul,not just a cabinet reshuffle here,a standards and practice's quango there.

    All I want to see is a little common sense,spirit of duty and integrity displayed by our 'leaders'.

    Unfortunately these qualities seem to be totally incompatible with political life on these shores at the moment.
  3. 'it's all Labour's fault' because they had enough time on their hands to correct mistakes and effects of mismanagement by Tory government. Instead they made things worse.

    I'll not be voting since there is no one to choose from: Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.
  4. Labour has not helped itself. It was elected on the promise of integrity. The promises on Law & Order and education - what happened to them? Uncontrollesd immigration, targets for everything and a tendency to speak frequently of reforms and new programmes whithout actually doing anything has not increased the standing of politicians. They are all equally worthless. George and Dave have not done a days work since leaving school. Not a silver spoon in their mouths but a whole canteen. The way forward is drastic. We may have lead the mordern world in parliament and democracy but now that it is rotten we need to lead the world in the next stage of evolution. Start breaking out the cobblestones.
  5. Surely you can't be referring to our shiny new defence minister, John Hutton.

    He's got an article in today's News of the World. It's next to the article about a woman who has '200 orgasms a day' and just before the article about a new 'pump action assault rifle' that's being issued to the police.

    By pure coincidence, the article is published on the same day that 2 Para return to barracks in Colchester. Hutton states 'I will make sure our troops have access to the best kit I can give them.'

    That's the best spun description of knackered, snatch Landrovers, unairworthy Nimrods and radios without batteries that I've ever heard. Do you think he wrote it himself? Is it a u-turn from Tony's 'you'll have whatever you require' speech when he was in Afghanistan?

  6. Then when things go t1ts up with the next lot do not moan about it
  7. Is all the outpourings of 'hatred', is it 'hatred' or just folks getting 'Teed Off' by the antics of this Labour government?

    From my point of view, yes I would say that the Torys under Cameron just look like New Labour-Lite, or just a fascimile. The same can be said in some respects about the 'Boy' Dave Cameron - he comes accross as another Tony Blair-Lite MK2.

    I have to admit that I voted for New Labour at the 1997 elections, as like many people, just wanted a change from the years of Thatcher and Major. I was unemployed for quite long periods during the late 1970s and early 1980s after leaving the Army.

    However, what I say about New Labour are:-

    * Have passed more laws in 11 years than any previous Labour or Tory
    Government since the end of WW2.
    * Increased the number of offences in law that carry a Criminal Record.
    * An obsession with 'control-freakery', or micro-managing every aspect of
    society/life in many respects.
    * Have overseen the enactment of a number of draconian laws that affect
    civil liberties of UK Citizens. Some of these laws such as the 'Civil
    Contingencies Act' can be enacted without recourse to Parliament, so
    I understand. That is on top of the existing Emergency legislation that
    has benn on the Statute Books for years.
    * Overseing a general 'dumbing down' of education at Primary,
    Secondary and FE (College and University level) over recent years.

    There are many other examples - incompetence or blatant lies, or just incompetence about the numbers of immigrants and illegals coming into the UK. Which throws up the charge that New Labour under Blair, and now Brown could possibly be 'Not Fit for Purpose' as one Ex-Home Secretary, Mr Reid stated about the Home Office some months ago.

    Last but not least, this Labour Government has done well what all past Labour Governments do -- Tax and Spend. Tax the Taxpayers with higher taxes, new taxes and stealth taxes. Spend Tax Payers cash in some cases in a profligate manner, like Drunks on a Pub crawl.

    Like the last Labour administration under PM Jim Callaghan and Chancellor Denis Healey, left the public finaces in a terrible mess. The same has happened under Brown.

    Strip out the current 'Credit Crunch', banking failures and other matters, and if the economy had been in fine fettle, Labour would still have left office leaving the UK public finances a mess like previous Labour governments.

    As for 'Law and Order'....well enough has been said about the CPS (Criminal Protection Society'.... "Tough on the Crime Fighters, Soft on the Chavs and Chavettes who cause Crime!"

    So, as has been said - "What goes about comes about!" --- I for one won't vote for labour for many a long year. 8O 8O
  8. And what's your solution? Vote for what party: Labour that made life in Britain visibly worse than it was 15 years ago; Tory that go out of their way to mimic New Labour; or LibDems that sound like care in the community cases?
  9. You don't get the point he'smaking do you?
    Whoever you vote for we will be governed by a bunch of inept, corrupt, self serving liars.
    Parliamentary democracy as it stands serves only the corrupt few at the top. No matter whch banner they present themselves under their only desire is to serve themselves.
    There is absolutely no chance of the individual getting his voice heard
  10. Well I hate the cnuts in the ZaNULabour party with a vengence and would prefer every single member of the government starting with the lying b@stard Blair hanged from the nearest lamposts in order to remind these parasites that they are supposed to be of benefit to the people, not the enemy.

    They have lied, lied and lied again. Not only that, every single lie has been a deliberate an concious act.

    So KhakiCrab you might think that some people are fcuked off with them, and you will be right. They have done more to damage the country in a deliberate manner than all the post war governments combined.

    The ZaNuLabour Party is currently the greatest threat to the UK at the current time. They are more likely to cause us irrepareable damage than any terrorist group can ever do, for it the they, the enemy within, that would give the country away to foreign rule if they thought they could get away with it. Remember how they deliberately lied to us in order to not have a referendum on that traitors charter called the EU constitution?

    ZaNULabour I would sh1t on them if I had the chance.

  11. 1st off, he is a she
    2nd point. I do believe they are different, and I also remember the Tory Govt years with fondness. The new breed of politician is a bit lame, but its what we have so we have to run with it.
    3rd point and my bold. There is every chance of the individual getting their voice heard. You dont like things the way they are then stand up and be counted. Join a political party or stand as an independant. Thats the way the system works

    I do agree with the point though, If you don't cast your vote, you don't have the right to gob off when something you don't like happens in Westminster
  12. I think well meaning but incompetent.
    Targets sound a great idea you want to know things are achieved unfortunately they were crap targets.
    PFI thats really going to bite us hard later.

    Iraq that was a truly shit idea but that can't be blamed on nulabor only tony was in favor of that one :twisted:

    problem is most of our leaders wannabe leaders are lawyers and politics graduates not the most obvious candidates for fixing complex problems :twisted:

    westminister is full of careerists not saying we should go back to the days of only the wealthy in the commons but maybe replace half the scum with a lottery like jury service you get called up for a 18month stint as an mp. you might get some pointless chavs but theres deadwood already so nothing will have changed :twisted:
  13. Social isocracy that is characteristic of socialism? :D Well, economically speaking US are already going in that direction...
  14. just imagine if PM's question times was enlivened by some people who work in the NHS or a copper or some skeptical LSO or somebody who works in IT.
    who could pull the latest brilliant idea apart :D .
    A few people who have actually worked with junkie scum and could point out they don't really give a shit if drugs are cat a b c what stops them is if they get caught banged up or die or grow up because there being caught banged up etc and decide to change there ways :x not going for relection so don't have to worry about the daily mail cannabis and e's and no more dangerous than booze cane them and your die but drink a bottle of vodka in one go chances are you will croak too
  15. Of course it will - the Army Rumour Service rocks!

    What Labour policies are Conservative ones?

    I haven't heard young Cameron come out with anything that remotely resembles a coherent policy. He has 0% in common with 99.99% of the country (very few of us are wealthy old Etonians who are related to royalty) and he certainly won't bring in anything to benefit hard working families unless they are already rather wealthy inhabitants of the southeast. If he can't relate to them then he can't and won't care. Tough luck.

    On the other hand, Uncle Gordon is one of the best Prime Ministers we've had this century.