Politics in US Media

Watching the flatscreens in a gym yesterday, I was visually torn between MSNBC and Fox News, which had the following things to say:

The Rachel Maddow show was on, commenting on right-wing hate and gun crime. Special guest was Michael Moore, who dribbled for a while about the link between gun control, murder rates, and the invasion of Iraq - he did have a couple of good points here and there, but the rest was just the usual 'Michael Moore show', which could have been lifted fromhis characature on Team America...

Fox News
The O'Reilly show was on, commenting on (guess what?)...left wing hate. Special guest - Sarah Palin.
An article on the situation on in Haiti, reminding listeners that all liberals wrongly believe big-government nanny state can sort it out.

Funnily enough, it being MLK day, both sides seemed to be going out of their way to quote the man himself in order to make their point (or their scriptwriters' agencies point)

Now I was hoping that following the events in Tucson, both sides might be able to step down the rhetoric a bit and try to work on finding common ground. Instead, it only seems to be stepping up a gear in a bid to apportion blame, and re-enforce stereotypes of how "what the left/right really want to do is drown your opinion/control your mind/kill your representative...etc...etc".

It just gets me a little down to see a country like to US, whose history is so steeped in debate, forward-thinking enlightenment, and contradictions, become so split into seemingly narrow bands of opinion. My views probably span 'left' and 'right', but it seems like I can't even turn on the TV without one side desperately trying to pull me one way or the other.

Rant over, I need a beer.

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