Politics in Ulster-Makes UK MPs look like angels!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Not sure about the title...?

    Let's wait and see what comes out of any proper investigation into impropriety - although the underlying story of her infidelity with a chap 40 years younger is a sadder one methinks..

  2. O.K You've posted a link,how about a bit more detail,an explanation,the reasons for your "claim". In Your Own Time GO ON!
  3. (Toptotty)
    Not sure about the title...?


    Firstly she is an NI MP not an Ulster one... this also makes her a UK politician, as we all know NI is part of the UK don't we?!

    Smart arse rant over.

    Was in NI tonight and saw the Spotlight doc. Seems Iris has been a very naughty girl. For those of you not up to speed, she made headlines in 2008 with her remarks against the gay lads and lassies.


    Little sympathy for her.
  4. Iris Robinson is an Member of Parliament, Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and a local councillor.

    She earns £63,291 for her position as an MP, £24,296 as an Assembly member and as chairwoman of its health and social services committee and £9,550 as a councillor for the Castlereagh borough in Northern Ireland.

    Her husband Peter Robinson earns £63,291 as MP for East Belfast, £71,434 for his role as first minister plus a third of the £43,101 salary for being an Assembly member because he is also an MP.

    They claimed between them almost £600,000 last year in salaries and expenses.

    Talk about a gravy train.
  5. He's 21. And she's... 60?

    And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson :D
  6. I donot nor willnot attempt to defend their expences,however,correct me if I'm wrong, but quite a few M.P.s from all parties have been caught out. Including Cyclops himself! This is not new nor is it different from anything practised by the majority of those who sit in Westminster,as well as other assemblies including the Euro Parliament. The only difference seems to be that she's from N.I.and not mainland U.K.She has no doubt been a bit silly,no more than quite a few other M.P.'s over the years,so,lets wait for the other side of the story,lets remember the B.B.C. MAY ALSO have it's own agenda.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'd bang it for 50K
  8. Its ok, according to her husband she has asked god to forgive her and god said "no bother Iris Love, batter on"

    So the issue has been delt with and could we all just leave the NI MPs alone so they can get back to there duty of doing f*ck all while the rest of the country moves on without them.
  9. Nonsense.

    What she has done is arguably worse than claiming expenses for a, say, a duck pond. The latter is about a group of people who developed group consensus on what is right and what is wrong. The problem is collectively, they are so removed from reality that they fell drastically on the wrong side of the line.

    In this case, she acted in a way that goes way beyond claiming for expenses. This is corruption. There are no nuances here at all. Her husband is also quite clearly in breach of the ministerial code. He needs to go. She needs to go to jail.
  10. And the difference between your bunch of retrobates and ours is? My point is that ALL of them,are the same,different coat of paint maybe,but under the skin,all the same. We need the whole bunch cleared out and a new start made. A new rule book would also be a good idea,one written by the tax payer. Remember you've only heard the b.b.c.,s point of view so far,I HOWEVER,look forward to hearing the other side's answer,before I make my mind up! Until then put a hold on the gallows!
  11. Iris has always come across publicly as a "holier than thou sanctimonious soul", with a willingness to lecture evryone else on what's right or wrong in life, like most politicians with a strong ideological bent (in her case fervent protestant and unionist). To see her in the obvious legal, ethical and moral pickle she is in is a bit salutory and a lesson to all pontificators.

    Feel a bit sorry for her husband though, as he's a deeply honest man, who has a high degree of personal integrity (integrity seriously tested now by the woman he's loved for over 40 years!).....

  13. CM - noted, but you will see a link on the BBC website beside the story to both her and her husband's official statements on the ex-marital affair etc already....

    PS: when replying to a quote can you comment "outside the original quote please" - polite request

  14. I' ll try,if I can find the correct buttons