Politics in Plastic: Sarah vs Obama

Be the first on your block to own a set!!
21 points of articulation [ thats posing not speaking ' good ']

only $ 29.95!!

Yup, you, too, can have your very own Sarah Palin Doll [ sorry, action figure ] or, if you're so inclined, an Obama posable buddy..

Selling like hotcakes!!


Sarah comes in three different outfits . a Tomb Raider type with her own .45 [ for moose huntin' ] a ' School Girl " outfit [ short kilt and .. well.. maybe we shouldn't go there ..]
and, of course, the all business tasteful executive navy blue suit.. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits..

For some reason she's outselling the Hillary model

They do have a Tony Bliar doll, suitable for sticking pins into...and, they do custom work so you could get your own action figure!! And, they do ' kinky' so yyou could get a MDN doll with all the 'gear' ..

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