Politics and intelligence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. The head of MI5 has warned of a dramatic increase in the terrorist threat. Dire warnings of thousands of Al-quaiada recruits and the use of youngsters.

    At the same time it appears that the government are about to resurrect their plans to increase the length of time suspected terrorists can be held without charge. This despite UK having one of the longest detention timees in the civilised world and the police admitting there have been no cases where they would have used extended detention.

    Just a coincidence or are the intelligence services being used by a cynical government again?
  2. Still trying to get my head around the title of this thread......

    You have a point, H
  3. Yes, i agree with you Bambi...the two words do not belong in the same sentence!!!
  4. Similar tactics were tried successfully in the nineteen-thirties. Not, I hasten to add by the eventual winning side.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Westminster went up in flames tonight a la the Reichstag. Not only would it be a follow the pattern, but this government are so out of touch they'd think people would be upset!
  5. Politics and intelligence do belong in the same sentence, along with lack of.
  6. Surely you're not suggesting that HM Government would stoop so low as to use the Security Service to frighten the public in order to manipulate them into accepting the surrender of more power to the State?

    Next you'll be suggesting our beloved leaders would take us into an illegal war by "sexing up" intelligence reports!

    Oh, hang on... 8O
  7. Come on THICKOs, 'politics' and 'intelligence'


    Politics = self serving.

    Intelligence = totally missing from politicians.

    Get a brain posters !
  8. :x You let these people into U.K. they breed now they want to take over by any means, the first is down to Politics, the second point it let them settle into U.K. no real intelligence was used by the clowns in charge at the start or now it seems, and it still is going on, only spin by the so called leaders and their minions. :x
  9. I'd be upset. It's a nice building!
  10. The building and its occupants: as the song went, "Nice legs, shame about the face."