Politicising public places

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. I've noticed over the past few months that in areas normally a labour safe seat that they have named leisure centres after high ranking members of the party the Donald Dewar center in Drumchapel and the John Smith one in Airdrie. now you could aruge that Donald Dewer helped to win devolution but what about John Smith what did he do apart from crock it and let the grinning spiv and gorgon to wreck the country.

    Also someother places were street names after local councillers surprise surprise a labour area. Nothing like letting the serfs who feeds them!

    I'm all for naming streets after famous people of the area but not Politicians etc, politics should be kept well out of it.
  2. Fairly common in London boroughs. It's just that most people don't know that a local councillor is being honoured because they don't know their councillors,
    Don't discount John Smith yet. With any luck historians will trace his demise as the beginning of a revolution to restore true democracy to England...at least.
  3. Funny you should say that. At Haworth we have a 'Cryer Meadows', named after Bob Cryer. Surprise surprise, his wife Ann has just retired as the sitting Labour MP.
    Now replaced by Kris Hopkins, Conservative (and former Royal Signals, IIRC).
  4. Guess what numbnuts. All political parties do it. Have a look around.
  5. Exactly!... Nelson Mandela House springs to mind...not quite sure which borough the ANC had control over though!
  6. I thought that the original post refered to local politicians gaining immortality in their area. Foreigns personalities abound, Steve Biko Way in Hounslow for example.
    It isn't new,Cromwell Road is all over the place.
  7. You are right I apologise for digressing from the original theme...however Cromwell was a seriously big historical figure who had life changing effects for the whole nation way back when.....who the **** is Donald Dewer?
  8. We've got a Main Street. That must have been called after Paddy then.
  9. I believe that he made whisky.
  10. I remember when Mandela was a 'terrorist', but then I am nearly seventy.

    I look forward to: 'Blair's Boulevard'; 'Cherie's Cutting', and 'Gordon's Unexpected & Painful Demise'.

    Doubt that I shall see any of these: I live in Wandsworth.
  11. Can we name a shithouse/cottaging spot after the cuntwipe that is Thatcher?
  12. Nothing new... I'm willing to bet that just like here, most public spaces are named after friends & family of elected officials.
  13. During the days of the Poll Tax Riots a particular New Town in Essex, known in Parliment as, "Moscow Down The Thames" Renamed a road on the edge of town, "Wat Tyler Way", after the alledgedly notorious poll tax protestor of yesteryear. Then their self-agrandising department tried to convince residents that it had always been called that. Next, they started to spend loads of dosh turning the open space at the end of aforesaid "Way Tyler Way" into Wat Tyler Park and made it into their pet project and continued to sink untold amounts of dosh into the region. The whole thing being a blatent cock-a-snook at the poll tax concept and the bastard son-of-poll-tax, the community charge. I wouldn't put it past them though to one day name an entire estate after themselves, plus their wives, girlfriends and bastard offspring!