Politicians you'd shag?



Sarah Palin would be a given,but surely there must be some other
fuckable pollies out there.
I'll start with our pm and New Zealands former pm (shudder)


All of them preferably with the spiky end of a pineapple and an umbrella!!
I'd like to look at the Palace of Westminster from 15000ft with bomb doors open. That would fuck the lot of them.
Or perhaps individually with the Georgi Markov umbrella whilst they were filling out their expenses claims..........
Yes it's been done before.

So...I'd like to fuck the mouth of that shitfaced lump of foreskin cheese Ed Balls.

With a Ball Peen Hammer.


Can't believe we've got to page 2 and no ones mentioned the home secretary Teresa May! and if your not into shagging tories you could always pretend she's Gavins mum from "Gavin and Stacey"

P.s I would add a picture but can't remember how to do it-mong IT skills.
Pnina Rosenblum:

You would... You fucking know you would!

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