Politicians - why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ishinryu, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. Having watched the latest furore in Parliament this week, I have to ask why do we choose the politicians that we do? Do we elect them to represent our views, to vote with their conscience or to go along with the party line?

    As our democratically elected representatives I believe that they should represent the views of their electorate. One of the MPs who was commenting on the Syria vote stated that he send just over a thousand emails out asking about what they woukd like, and he only got 200 replies back. Some how I would find it hard to believe that 200 people is representative of the will of his electorate.

    I am not saying that every parliamentary decision should be by a national referendum, but something as important as the decision to go to war should represent the views of the population not on the conscience of the politician or on party politics.

    As a serving soldier, I say that there maybe some merit in asking those who are going to be conducting the operations, what they think about getting into a conflict.

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  2. well apart from pedo's, rapists & estate agents we need some one to hate even more!
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  3. Hmm.. I, along with quite a few others I know of, had emailed my MP & Cameron telling them of our definite wish NOT to be involved in the Syrian debacle, pointing out that it was the Saudi's & Gulf states who actually started stirring up unrest & funding the fundamental nutters who then rebelled against the Syrian govt. Plus the fact that there was no certain evidence as to who actually used the chemical weapons pointing out the unpleasant memories of alleged WMD's the lead up to the Iraq disaster.
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  4. Well besides that we have little or no legal right to take action, we vote for politicians to represent us as they see fit in our democracy. They are not shop stewards. Don't like them vote for someone else, that's how our democracy works.

    If you think any military action is legal please read this article.


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  5. Perhaps we should ask Pte. Smith what he thinks about charging down that machine gun post.

    It's not the way it works.
  6. As I have mentioned before,despite living in my house for seven years,I still have no idea who my local MP is.
  7. Does he use all the hot water though ?
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  8. I have a feeling he/she couldn't really careless,they obviously donot need your vote.
  9. Can he claim the rent as expenses?
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  10. Valiant breed - YouTube

    Would it be something like this.
  11. You had your local MP living in your house for 7 years but don't know his name?

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  12. The MP does not exist to represent you. That is not his primary function. The MP is a paid employee of his party engaged on a five-year fixed term renewable contract to sell his party and its policies to the public with a view to keeping it in power when its contract expires.

    The party whose interests the MP is paid to represent to the public, does not exist to represent the public whose support it seeks to elicit. It exists to advance the interests of the corporate and financial sector who provide the party with its policy objectives and ideological direction of travel with political funding being granted or withheld by those sectors according to the extent to which those objectives are met during party's tenure in office.

    The first priority of the party is to ensure its own political survival. The wishes, needs and aspirations of the general public are only relevant to the extent to which any act or omission has the potential to carry an adverse political consequence to the party. The public are otherwise irrelevant and play no part in the formulation of policy. They exist only to serve the interests of the corporate and financial sector whose interests are represented by the party.
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  13. I unfortunately live amongst lefty Guardian readers & even worse still Glenda Jackson is my local MP.
  14. I am not sure who I live among. Probably because I couldn't care less. I have never, in all of the time I have lived here, ever seen my MP. Probably because he, she, or both, cares even less than I do.
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the post war generation when they had practically all served with distinction and knew the score was probably our best crop of MPs.

    thatcher fought against them all her career which is probably what gave her such backbone when faced with argentina