politicians photo-calls with troops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RE814, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. what are peoples experiences of these?

    it frequently seems to be the remfs rounded up and put on display, who are simply excited that someone is speaking to them and that they been let out the office/tent/ toilets for 10 mins

    not the guys taking the risks as they have little time for the opportunist show off to$$ers. and can't take a photo call seriously anyway, scaring the adults trying to keep decorum.

    politicians, that is not the remfs, though it applies as well.

    any stories
  2. So when the Badge pitches up and 'asks' you to go outside for some happy snaps, you decline? That said, the blokes could make more of an effort to look miserable - and who's the daft tart who always seems to have her digicam out with a mong grin on her face. Is it the same one doing the rounds? '... and this is a picture of me with the cnut that got me sent out to this sweltering, stinking shytehole in the first place... here's another one... and another...'
  3. An old pic but worth an outing....


  4. whos she?
  6. bugger. thought l might catch someone unawares :)
  7. Too early, should have waited til the pubs shut.
  8. She's the next feckin' President that's for sure!
  9. should this not be in the thread who you wanna shag or not
  10. Nice try though ;)
  11. My experiences of anyone visiting the unit, whether it be politicians, media, celebs etc, the woman and the shiny arrses were always the ones put forward.
  12. T BLiar walking around after TELIC 1 looking like a cheshire cat. Two booties ask him if they can have a photo. He agrees so the two hand him their camera and put their arms around each other and smile.

    Last seen doing the quick step with the RSM.
  13. F*cking classic!
  14. At 1st glance I thought that was 2 guys 8O
  15. I'd DO her,no sweat.