Politicians not taking defence seriously?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ratcatcher, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Right now we have a real indicator of how seriously politicians consider the topic of defence policy, it is being discussed in Parliament as I type this, and there are no more than 20 MP's in the house of commons, of all parties. If this is the best any of them can do to fix the broken covenent, we might as well give up now!

    Or perhaps they are all stuck in the queues at Westminster, waiting to get their suppers......

    Appreciate this isnt anything new, but its shocking to watch the lack of interest - on the Parliament channel right now (I know I need to get out more).

  2. and you expected................?
  3. WE'VE found the viewer who watches this channel :wink: I knew the stats people werent lying when they said some sad chap tunes in :D
  4. Yes - extremely sad - I foolishly thought that some politicians might just take defence seriously or have something good to say, I should have just gone with my instincts, that being that our politicians just dont care.

  5. FFS gents we've got a Part-Time Secretary Of State for Defence. What more evidence is needed to show how seriously Neu-Liarbour take Defence and Defence related issues.
  6. Politicians not taking defence seriously?

    The only defense any politician takes seriously is his own 'criminal defense'
    when he is caught with his hand in the till or doing something that is still ilegal even amongst consenting adults.

    Any other defense is an abstract concept not worthy of thought or consideration.
  7. I feel that I should point out that SOSDefence is part time, and not casual labour, however much he may try to give the impression otherwise.

    STAB joke.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well to be fair it should revert to the War Office. Defence is something we couldn't do if attacked but we're doing pretty well at waging wars.
  9. What do you mean we have plenty of blokes (ooops bloke) left here for defence, we might just need to call up the ACF and Veterans to man the pick elves thats all.

    Were like Keegan in his Newcastle management days ' Forget Defence, Attack, Attack,Attack :roll:
  10. Nice one.
  11. Although I hesitate to mention this, politicians are not the only group who rate defence as a low priority.

    I can guarantee you that a lot more of the electorate went to MP's surgeries complaining about defence issues, or even wrote / emailed MP's about it, it would become more of an issue.

    Unfortunately, Mr & Mrs Bloggs don't really care about defence - they are more concerned about good schools for their kids, hospitals that won't kill their family or friends via MRSA and how they will pay the mortgage and sort out their pensions.

    Until that is all sorted out, don't hold your breath on the electorate banging the drum for the armed forces.

    All very sad really. Thank f*^k I don't in UK anymore!!
  12. Is Cromwell here? Where the heck is that guy when you need him?
  13. Politician's not taking defence seriously? Who'd have thought it? Perhaps that's why HM Forces don't take politicians seriously either. Pie-eating, money grubbing, ignorant cnuts.

    Rant over. Out.
  14. Since when have they ever taken defense seriously WW2 excepted.
    SOS for defence is merely a stepping stone to higher places, the only interest MPs take is to backstab them on the way in the hope of jumping into their shoes.
    It has nothing to do with International threats and bottom of the pile is the armed forces.
  15. Considering Jaqui Smiths comments about the TA's and Milibands that military is no solution to a crisis.....utter fackers, utter fackers. Not only they dont have a clue about life outside their pampered existences but they are making decisions that effect the military like no other since WWII, utter, utter facking cants.