Politicians' gestures towards the armed forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by richardkh, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Just joined ARRSE. I thought members might be interested to see piece I published online, and responses, on politicians' gestures towards the forces, particularly the tributes to service people killed in action which they read out at Prime Minister's Questions. I suggest that these would come better from the Speaker, and be followed by a minute's silence - and that the politicians generally should get on with their real job of running our defences properly. Anyway, here it is Our forces deserve more than pieties from politicians | Talking Politics - Yahoo!
  2. Here you go..............

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  3. That's not a politician.That's a Tax Avoidance Consultant.
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  4. No, that's a cu*t!
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  5. Hang on, what's the difference between the three?
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  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Another political f@ckwit journo, trying to gain favour on ARRSE , nothing new there then
  7. I am not sure when Defence Questions is scheduled now, but I chanced upon it on the BBC a few years ago. Hardly anyone there in the House and the majority looked bored and seemed to be shuffling about to make it look as if there were sufficient representatives.

    OK it was under last mob, but country was fighting on two fronts at the time and I guess it is no better today
  8. I tend to agree. Platitudes mouthed by poiticians at PM's question time which always seem spoken as a necessity rather than heart felt statements add nothing to loss of life.
    More impact and a sharpening of the minds/guilt of politicians would be if the house was made to assemble once a year and made to listen to the name every serviceman who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the preceding 12 read out followed as has been said by 2 mins silence. I know we observe such on Remembrance Sunday but Parliament is the institution that sends our forces to war and is therefore ultimately culpable for such losses.
  9. Why?

    They do precious little time at the Palace of Westminster as it is, best not give them another excuse to keep shtum and do fcuk all eh?
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Parliament is living in the past and they will never forget when Cromwell said " March in the troops"
  11. My bold,

    The current crop of Politicians were not around when that happened. It's just you left from that time you old git :)

  12. A **** is useful.
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  13. To be fair, so's a tax avoidance consultant...