politicians and policemen


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I see on the bbc that the gubmint is intending to lump electable commisioners and expensive political advisors onto local police authorities. besides being a waste of money I couldnt believe my eyes when ed balls was saying he was against government interference!

no links as yet so cant stick one up. just watch the news :)

ah here we go - Elected police commissioners could get own political advisers, minister suggests - Telegraph - I cant see the police having much use for more spin doctors on top of the 2000 they have allready.


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It's going to be more that £2 million. I can't imagine you buy much of a political advisor for £40k a year. Are these police commissioners the new Chief Constable or are we talking the Chief's boss? I like the idea of an elected, operation head of the policewho has to answer to the voting public. Some committee chairman who "directs policy" is a load of hairy round ones
IIRC I have seen info today in telegraph or guardian that they will be paid £100k+ a year. I will say that is not confirmed and I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

I like the idea of an accountable police leadership. my fear is that it will be hijacked by the tories/labour/ a n other political party to control and exert influence and not be accountable to the public.

I will be very interested to see the job descriptions and how they advertise and interview for these jobs. With salaries of £100+ a year being up for grabs, I can't see joe public getting invited for an interview! The normal letter of "You have been unsuccesful on this occasion" comes to mind.

Jobs for the boys or selected few!!!!

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