Politicians - all rants here please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Letterwritingman, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. Other than the fact that Hoon to my mind showed himself to be deserving of the TCH label in front of millions.......did anyone else note that he was repeatedly used as a convenient rest stop by a number of flies.........

    Surely a comprehensive validation of the 'Flies around sh*t' analogy :D :D
  2. Interesting that he claims to have shaken the hands of some pretty dubious people. That would be the members of the Armed Forces then Mr. Hoon? 8O
  3. On BBC1 right now. Flies everywhere :D
  4. After repeated attempts to get a straight answer....

    Mr.Hoon ,do you think things in Iraq are far worse than you ever thought possible?


    .....followed by a nod of the head .Not a nod of "Well I finally admitted it ,thank fcuk that's off my chest"

    More a nod of "There ,I admitted it ,so what?"

    Still ,the girl from the policy studies group gave him a nice prolonged slap :D
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Saw some of it having just staggered back from the Banana Bar in Amsterdam (its where girls do things with bananas etc.) and in some cases Hoon seemed alright and then in the last ten minutes he started taking short sharp rips at Tories/Michael Howard and I thought.. what a nasty little man (cnut). He literally took a question on kid resus and turned it into a slap at MIchael Howard. Even I in my pitiful state noticed the change of lane/direction/planet in his argument.

    9mm is too good for him.
  6. She and the actor bloke really did give him a slapping. Liam Fox's arguments were well made (I would have preferred him to Howard as leader to be fair), but you are right the policy woman took Hoon out, walked him round the block, slapped him about a bit, and placed him back in his seat again without too much effort.

    TCH is every bit the lawyer and every answer he gave was a lawyer's answer and argument.

    As for the question about apology.... notice the wording BLiar made "I CAN apologise for the intelligence but not for toppling Saddam...". That's right, yuo CAN apologise for the int, but saying that isn't the SAME as apologising is it?

    CNUTS! :twisted:
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    oN THE SUBject of QTime the one thing that got on my tits was the question about spending 1m to get the two Italians out, should we get Ken Bigley out the same way?

    Too which everyone said appeasing terrorists is bad. Forget the IRA part of the answer for a moment.

    The Italians were kidnapped and a payment of a million seems perfectly fine to me. Sure, you'll have others kidnapped and they'll pay a million again but as it rarely happens it seems perfectly reasonable, and this is the key thing. It is not because the kidnappers are picking up people for money/etc, they are picking up everyone they can, and then killing them. You can't encourage it by paying as they're doing it as much as they can already, therefore, pay up, get the bloke back and move on. And pay up next time. And the next, and call it the cost of doing business.

    If the terrorists pick up a person, they'll make as much political capital as they can and then release for ransom or kill them - they don't care which so giving in costs you a million but saves a life - welcome to the world of hidden costs. The coalitions job should preventing these kidnaps. Failure to pay will not discourage the terrorists, they'll just chop of a head and pick up another one the first chance they get, and they will keep doing it until there is no one around to pick up. Honestly, giving in to kidnappers is fine out there.

    Rant over, open floodies...
  8. Neil "useless twat" Kinnock is stepping down from office, he was employed to cut down on EU fraud, He will get a golden handshake of £300,000 and £64,000 per year after that, don't forget he also gets £25,000 per year pension from the Commons. This wa*ker in his 5 years in offfice prosecuted no one, in fact EU fraud has doubled to about SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS.

    £64,000 + £25,000 (per year) = alot more than my £4680 (after tax per year ) Army pension.
  9. Politicians look after themselves. I seem to remember one of Blurs first acts was increasing PM's pensions.
    15 years service gets you a full UN pension, hence all the usless tossers queing up for jobs.
  10. The Welsh tw@ should be done for fraud himself, he has, after all, claimed all that fat salary, expenses and pension, under false pretences. Unless, of course, someone can tell me different. Anyway, he's Welsh, so he should be done for that! :twisted:
  11. And Ginger
  12. http://icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100localnews/tm_objectid=14724632&method=full&siteid=50002&headline=bombers--cause-is-just---short-name_page.html

    Bombers' cause is just - Short

    You stupid ,stupid thoughtless wretch. It will be a pleasure to take your seat off you at the General Election.

    NB: Don't all start swearing at one .It would be a shame to delete posts with good points ,because they contained excessive profanity.
  13. The mind boggles. :evil: I wonder if she too has ever met Hooky et al. could be another convert in the making.
  14. Not as Shortas a suicide bomber's cause.
  15. Why oh Why do we (like the royal we) allow stupid mis informed ugly people make comments like this and tar us with their own dirty brush.

    claire thicky short thicky