Political Status for Blair

Adams (called and) suggested ...during the cash-for-honours inquiry in 2006... (Mr Powell and) Mr Blair should "seek political status" if they were arrested and refuse to recognise the court - a reference to the tactics used by Republican activists during the troubles.

Yes, I know it's in the Mail, and came from that creature Powell (Blair's CoS). But it does show how politicians of this kind are capable of compromise and lack of principle on a Third World scale. It may have been 'banter' between them, but it was the sort of advice that both Adams and Blair would have given and taken seriously.

That Blair could talk to Adams on this level (and Powell, of course, invited Adams and McGuinness to his wedding) is an indication of how twisted the politics of the UK have become; representative only of a political class, not the populace.

In case any politicians read this thread could you please explain to the what "The Populace" is as they seem to forget once the votes are counted.

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