Political sophistry vs military budgets

Cameron and Osbourne have been pushed several times about their commitment to defence spending in the next budget. No one from the Conservatives has said they will maintain let alone increase upon the agreed 2% GDP after the next election?

Why not?

It is becoming apparent that significant investment is needed via RN manning, T26 procurement or even MBT replacement let alone another promise to rotate forces through Poland and the Baltics.

So why, when defence spending is predicted to be 1.88% after 2015 are we hearing what I feel is frankly hypocritical?
Mark Urban questioned Fallon on this at the NATO summit, noticing that after the next general election spending will be below 2%. Fallon did a Putin and flat out denied this was the case meaning that either GDP is scheduled to fall or there are increases planned.

Chuck the carrier in there and you have another reason to increase the budget.

I think we are all a bit weary of the various U turns, chicanery etc that has become standard in politics over the last 15 years ago. Will be interesting to see whether this talk translates into real terms rises in the budget.