Political Song - "In the station, in the city"

Long time ago now - a folk style song came out about a solider on duty across the water - stuck in the middle of the political battle.

The lyrics went along the lines of...

"In the station, in the city, the British soldier stood;
Talking to the people there, if the people would;
Some just stared in hatred whilst others stared in vain;
And the lonley British soldier whished he was back home again;"

(Excuse my singing voice!)

I'm trying to get a copy -or details of the actual name or artist, not for any political reason, mainly sentimental as it was always being played during my younger days as a junior.


Harvey Andrews - the soldiers song
Does anyone have the song in MP3 format?
I had it years ago (when they still used cassette tapes) would really appreciate a copy if anyone has it ?



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