Political ratings

Well this is interesting. Research showing the comparative "Ratings" of politicians as held by the great unwashed.


Final scores on Page 5 are the guts of it. No surprise that Messrs Bliar and Broon languish at the very bottom with many over 55's (a key voting group) detesting Broon. Oh dear.

Ming the Minger sandwiched between Harriet Harman and David Miliband. (God what a dreadful scene that conjurs up!)

But what is this in Conservative land? Dave Cameron not right up there at the top? How can this be?

No 1. and No 2, slot go to William Hague and Boris Johnson.

Maybe that is why nobody is shouting about it!
Damn, and I was expecting a treatise on the advent of fascism in Leading Seamen as opposed to the rise marxist Petty Officers...

Interesting to see that Hilary Benn is Number three.

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