Political questions

I'm off to a televised political debate on wednesday night and should have the candidates. All from Norfolk areas. (So hopefully Charles Clarke)

Can anyone provide a suitably challenging question that may allow me to get it asked?
Heres a question

What are you going to do about the immigration policy for the norfolk area, as the Once british people are starting to desperatly fall into the minority, and the out of work legal and illegal immigrants turning into the majority. With them being out of work it is putting a bigger drain on the local economy, which the majority of people for norfolk have to pay!
"Why are people attacking Michael Howards comments about race riots when we've already had those in Burnley and Oldham? Even Norfolk has seen them when a pub owned and frequented by Portugeuse was attacked."
Doesn't the leader of the National Front live in Gt Yarmouth?

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