Political psychologies

Charles Clarke's recent parliamentary outbursts attacking John Reid (brave admittedly) and Tony Blair (sitting duck arguably) are interesting in terms of the clinical psychology of politics. Clarke was revealed to be underhand, lazy, arrogant and inefficient - even with one of the largest staffs known to minister! He was compelled to go, refusing in his arrogance to accept a lesser post.

What I find amazing in terms of psychology is that despite all of his proven faults and demonstated inability to hack either of his cabinet posts, he refuses to accept responsibility. At no point is he prepared to examine himself and see that he has failed in his endeavours or to accept that he might not have been up to the job(s). The implications for his ego are quite staggering.

It is all the more interesting when you look at the group profile for the government front bench. They are all equally committed to socialism (ahem!) but equally they adore the cult of personality. I am really enjoying Parliament at the moment, from a non-political point of view I stress, for it seems as though the opposition has chosen a "mirror" team to oppose the government front bench.

"Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad" as Lycurgus/Sophocles/Euripedes/Seneca/Dryden and Longfellow are all attributed with! However "Gegen dumheit kempfen selbst die Goetter vergebens" (Goethe attrib.) seems far more appropriate...
Good thread 'Cuddles', I can remember when everyone was sick of the Tories and couldn't wait for Labour to get into power. Now we all yearn for a change again - it seems Governments have a shelf-life before they corrupt and begin to stink the place out. You can be sure, however, that given time whoever replaces the current lot wil be hated as much.
Is this inevitable?
IMHO the only thing that will truly make parliament work as it should is proportional representation. The 'first past the post' idea is crass and leaves parties with large majorities who may only have polled a small percentage of the total votes cast.

The current brand of politicians - from all parties - only adhere to their manifesto for as long as it takes to get elected. Then it becomes one gigantic pig trough of self opportunity.
Well now, judging from the DT today, Simon Heffer shares my opinion of Mr Clarke. Plagiarising the ARRSE in a respectable newspaper, I thought that was a Guardian/Sun trick...

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