Political Ponerology: Are we governed by a bunch of nutters?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mugatu, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Been reading a bit of Andrzej Łobaczewski and it has got me thinking that our leaders ever more grandiose and elaborate lies, paranoia and magic roundabout solutions for the failing economy might be the policies of unstable, dangerous minds! The pictures of their maniacal, conceited, grinning faces in the nationals only reinforces my belief that they are in need of psychiatric intervention. Are they steering Britain towards Pathocracy?

    Characteristics of Pathocracy

    1. suppression of individualism and creativity.
    2. impoverishment of artistic values.
    3. impoverishment of moral values; a social structure based on self-interest and one-upmanship, rather than altruism.
    4. fanatical ideology; often a corrupted form of a valid viable ‘trojan’ ideology which is perverted into a pathological form, bearing little resemblance to the substance of the original.
    5. intolerance and suspicion of anyone who is different, or who disagrees with the state.
    6. centralized control.
    7. widespread corruption.
    8. secret activities within government, but surveillance of the general population. (In contrast, a healthy society would have transparent government processes, and respect for privacy of the individual citizen).
    9. paranoid and reactionary government.
    10. excessive, arbitrary, unfair and inflexible legislation; the power of decision making is reduced/removed from the citizens’ everyday lives.
    11. an attitude of hypocrisy and contempt demonstrated by the actions of the ruling class, towards the ideals they claim to follow, and towards the citizens they claim to represent.
    12. controlled media, dominated by propaganda.
    13. extreme inequality between the richest and poorest.
    14. endemic use of corrupted psychological reasoning such as paramoralisms, conversive thinking and doubletalk.
    15. rule by force and/or fear of force.
    16. people are considered as a ‘resource’ to be exploited (hence the term “human resources”), rather than as individuals with intrinsic human worth.
    17. spiritual life is restricted to inflexible and indoctrinare schemes. Anyone attempting to go beyond these boundaries is considered a heretic or insane, and therefore dangerous.
    18. arbitrary divisions in the population (class, ethnicity, creed) are inflamed into conflict with one another.
    19. suppression of free speech – public debate, demonstration, protest.
    20. violation of basic human rights, for example: restriction or denial of basic life necessities such as food, water, shelter; detainment without charge; torture and abuse; slave labour. (pathocracydotcom)
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  2. Wow,,, im sure that a better laptop would enable me to read most of that first go. I like No 20. shame we do this to ourselves to give others the opportunity to be free.
  3. Wow,,, im sure that a better laptop would enable me to read most of that first go. I like No 20. shame we do this to ourselves to give others the opportunity to be free.

    You seem like the person that likes books and thoughts between your comments rathers than actions and words.

  4. Sounds about right.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sounds like the definition of an Arrser :cool:
  6. Sounds like an almost definitive list of the Roman Empires's best talents.
    Seriously, almost every great empire has run on that basis. Which leads you to suppose that 'Pathocracy' might be the only practical way to run a major Government....Darwin would say that any State system that didn't work like this would be defeated by one that does.
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  7. Sounds like the last government, I'll grant you that. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the above points overturned.
  8. It's the system rather than the people, the competition of government/elections breeds those values into it. However, alot of people are saying Sweden and Norway have somehow got it right...
  9. Definately describes/fits our Political Masters and Elites in Parlyment. what a bunch of wowsers, muppets, toe-rags, erse-wipes and numptyised **********.