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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hot-Crumpet, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. I was hoping to join the TA at home before I went to University, and then transfer to a unit down south. As it is, I'm just waiting for September as joining a regiment for such a short time isn't really worthwhile for anyone involved.

    It's occurred to me that I might have difficulty with a personal issue. I'm a member of a political party (none of your business which one, but nothing fringe) and I'm currently interning with them in the run-up to the election. I'd like to continue being active within the party when I move. What are the rules on this in the TA/Army? Is Political party membership allowed? Is party activity allowed?
  2. As long as it`s one of these you`ll be fine

  3. or spelling; or do we intern? I am very old. We used to keep our heads down and crack on. We appreciate smash more as the troops have to do it...but none of my business.
  4. You can be a member of whatever political party you want, what you cannot do is wear your uniform to a meeting, attend demos, that sort of thing, it is in TA regs, have a look on armynet if you have access.
  5. TA Regs 3.301 onwards:




    a. Regular Army personnel serving with the TA, officers and soldiers of the non regular permanent staff and all personnel in permanent service or FTRS or ADC are governed in their political activities by QR (Army), Chapter 5, paras J5.581 - J5.586. They are not to take any active part in the affairs of any political organization, party or movement. They are not to take part in political marches or demonstrations. (See also paras 3.307-3.309.)

    b. Officers and soldiers of the TA other than those in sub para a have the normal rights and responsibilities of citizens, except as defined in paras 3.302 and 3.303.

    Political Activities


    a. During the period between the issue of the writ for an election in any electoral district and polling day, no parade is to be held which could be made to appear on any grounds as liable to subvert party interests, e.g. by preventing members of the TA from being present at an important political meeting. Camp and annual training (including weekend training) and, subject to the above considerations, normal out of camp training may take place as usual, but a parade or assembly of members of the TA for any other purpose will require the permission of the Div/Dist Commander.

    b. No out of camp training is to take place on polling day.

    3.303. Prohibitions.

    a. Members of the TA are forbidden to institute meetings or take part in demonstrations for political party purposes in barracks, camps or in their vicinity.

    b. Members of the TA are not to refer to political questions in speeches at military functions of a social, sporting or cultural nature which are attended by the public.

    c. TA bands are not permitted to play at meetings, demonstrations, parades or entertainment of a political nature; nor will they play for organizations having controversial aims.

    d. Without prejudice to arrangements incidental to lettings in accordance with RFCA Regulations, paras 4.10 - 4.19 no publicity is to be given in Service establishments or on Service vehicles to political party propaganda, or to advertisements for party meetings, fetes or similar activities by political parties or organizations.

    e. No service facilities including transport are to be used at or in connection with any function the purpose of which is to further the interests of a political party or an organization having controversial aims. See RFCA Regulations, paras 4.10 - 4.19 with regard to lettings.

    f. Information about political parties, programmes or policies is not to be made available through Service journals or information rooms.

    Electoral Registration

    3.304. Reserved

    3.305. Voting Arrangements. Members of the TA are not eligible for registration as Service voters. A member qualified to vote as a civilian may do so at an election during the period of annual camp or other full time training as follows:

    a. When in the United Kingdom on the date of the poll.

    (1) As an Absent Voter -- by applying to the electoral registration officer of his constituency for Form RPF9, which will enable him to vote by post. This applies to both parliamentary and local government elections.

    (2) In Person -- by being granted leave for the purpose. Such leave may be reckoned as attendance at training, but travel will be at private expense. Members should be urged to vote by post as indicated in (1).

    b. When likely to be outside the United Kingdom on the date of the poll. By applying to the electoral registration officer of his constituency for Form RPF 10A, which will enable him to appoint a proxy to vote on his behalf. This applies only to parliamentary elections; a person outside the United Kingdom cannot vote at a local government election.

    3.306. Reserved

    3.307. Electoral Candidature – FTRS/ADC. No member of the Reserve Forces in FTRS or ADC may be an elected member of a national assembly, the House of Commons, the European Parliament or any other legislative assembly. For election to local authorities, see QR(Army) para J5.586. In addition, such personnel are forbidden to publicly announce their prospective candidature for election to any of these bodies and are to take all steps within their power to ensure that no public announcement of candidature or prospective candidature is made before their FTRS or ADC commitment has been terminated.

    3.308. Procedures. A member of the TA in FTRS or ADC who wishes to stand as a candidate for election to one of the bodies mentioned in para 3.307 other than a local authority (see QR(Army) para J5.586) must apply to MS Reserves APC through his commanding officer to terminate his FTRS or ADC commitment. In his own interests he should apply as early as possible, preferably giving at least 3 months notice to terminate an FTRS commitment and at least one months notice to terminate ADC. Approval of an application will depend on the exigencies of the service. An unsuccessful candidate will have no right to reinstatement in FTRS or ADC duties.

    3.309 - 3.320. Reserved.
  6. Crack on it won't cause you any problems. I'm a member of the Conservatives and a member of the TA.
  7. If youre a member of the labour party or lib dems then resignation from them or suicide is the only option,
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You won't get elected or nominated, so don't worry about it! Just crack on in the Stabs and chill.
  9. Great, this is exactly what I was after. Cheers.
  10. Many MPs are in the TA.
  11. When can we expect posts from members of the TA complaining that they can be a member of a political party, but regulars can't, whilst blubbing about a "one army concept"?