Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Having watched yet another politician gladly shaking the hand of anyone they can on camera in a war zone, I question the prpriety of ordering soldiers to form up in what are obviously political parades. Clearly soldiers parade for a number reasons and given the choice would often prefer not to, but is it really right that soldiers should be taken from other duties (which might include resting!) simply to enhance the media view of the popularity of a political figure?
    I wonder how many of the soldiers seen with Cyclops would reall have wished to be there, perhaps there should be an additional alownace paid for attending poltical rallys?
  2. Good point Outstanding - or, just make attendance voluntary? - Brown and co, would soon get the message loud and clear.

    Funniest site on TELIC was watching RSM's various, rounding up a crowd for Blair.
  3. You mean on top of travel expenses?

    That would be hilarious. Broon in the middle of a huge crowd of...... his CP team and sand.
  4. Somebody read my mind....I,ve been wanting to post on this one for the last several days....probably loads out there thinking the same way. Come on somebody..if you refused to parade with Cyclops what could they do to you..(them knowing that a couple of days later it would be all over the front page of the Daily Mail????)It would be the end of Cyclops...neither he or any of his ministers would dare to show their face in a war zone again....One of you....Please...GO FOR IT...and walk off the parade while the cams are on (something like "I can,t do it...I can,t stand here with this wnaker" I,ve still got some pride") would at this point be good, shouted into the nearest mike.....(If they did manage to get you big time....you could live off the TV/Radio appearances, book, interviews money for a very long time.) Most of all your conscience would let you sleep nights. Remember: "For Evil (Read Cyclops) to do its work, all it takes is for good men to do nothing"
  5. Better still get your ccok out in the background, whilst he´s trying to give a politcal sound bite (formerly speech) :D
  6. I was always deeply uncomfortable when Bliar took up the appalling septic habit of giving speeches with a backdrop of squaddies behind him rather than in front of or around him. It seemed to suggest that the Army were "on-side" with neu-Labour instead of rigidly apolitical (or downright F**king hostile) No real problem with some politico doing a "grip and grin" with a few of the troops on a fleeting visit to the sharp end though, natural enough I suppose.
  7. I agree, and to be fair, Gordon Brown and his minders do not seem to be as guilty of that appalling habit.
  8. Given a 'choice' would anyone volunteer to parade to greet someone like cyclops?

    Mind you, with the 'fame' before substance generation coming through the ranks many would just to be seen 'on telly'. Sad, but probably quite true :-(
  9. Agreed Hackle - although, whoever it was in the Labour machine, that thought this photo op was going to help, needs to be in remedial PR.

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  10. Now there is a use for Broon. Its finally clear... Get him Stagging on when he visits theatre!

    So simple but it'll give some locky sod 4 hours in his scratcher!
  11. AB2006, it has been described as an accident. Broon was talking to the gunner, who let go of the gun (presumably so he didn´t put the muzzle inhis mouth and spead his brains all over the cabin roof (the gunner that is not broon)). It just happened to drift to that position. :D

    CJ, why only 4 hours? Broon could do 24 straight and give 6 lucky blokes and blokesses 4 hours of quality grot time.
  12. I recall a famous comment from a soldier interviewed during one of St Tony's pre-war visits to Kuwait. The gist of it was:-

    "Well the Prime Minister says we'll be back home in no time. But he just tells lies all the time, so nobody really knows how long we'll be stuck out here."
  13. I would have forgotton any safe weapon handling drills, I'd ever been taught as well. :)

    John Miller sums it up quite well in his Spectator Blog

  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I've stated on several occaisions on this forum that as a civvie when ordered to meet 2 jags at the opening of a freight terminal I had built as the signal engineer I told the senior management that they didnt reallt want me there as I may have to speak my mind to the fat cnut (direct quote). It was found that I had plenty to keep me busy in another office that same day. they had to offer rides in his helicopter to the staff on site to get them to down tools long enough to meet and greet the leatherman.