Political paedophiles?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, May 30, 2006.

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  1. A new Dutch political party called "charity, freedom and diversity (NVD)" was set up last Wednesday. An innocent sounding name, no?

    What is their platform?

    They would like to see the abolition of the Cabinet and the "Eerste Kamer" (the House of Lords equivalent), an elected Premier, legalisation of soft and hard drugs and public nudity, and life sentences for a second murder conviction. Oh yes, and they want to lower the age of consent to 12 (on a voluntary basis, "since we are equally against abuse as any other people") and to legalise child pornography (provided that an independent body can verify that the children were not forced to act.)

    Of course, the leadership of this new political party consists of existing members of "Martijn", a paedophile pressure group.

    This is sick beyond words, but public opinion will hopefully guarantee that they never get anywhere.

    De Volkskrant
  2. Oh my God word, words fail me. This is completely appalling! I can't help but to agree with Nieuw Rechts on this one! sick sick sick puppies.

    Anyone else holding issues with this?!
  3. Couldn't translate that could you?
  4. "Young people should be able to enter into sexual contact from 12 years old", literally. "We want to screw 12-year-olds" is what they really mean...
  5. Jongeren zouden vanaf twaalf jaar seksuele contacten mogen aangaan (is nu zestien jaar).=
    Young people of from the age of 12 may enter into sexual realtions (it is currently 16).

    Roughtly, my Dutch is not great.
  6. I'm in no way supporting or condoning this, but isnt twelve the age of consent in Spain?
  7. Guess where LJH is going on his next holiday…
  8. Makes you proud to be Dutch.

    Fortunately I'm not.
  9. He would, if that statement was to be taken as fact, then be arrested on an underage sex tourism charge.
  10. I believe that some countries have differing ages of consent where partners are of a similar age. for example two 13 yrs may engage in male/female sexual intercourse, but a 26 yr old man could only have sex with a female over the age of 16. Problem with this though, is that it still sexualises children of a very young age. I think Canada and maybe Mexico have this system. Might be wrong though.
  11. Its still worrying trust the Dutch to create such a political party.
  12. *START* - In NO way at all am I condoning this party's policies

    Do we want to start putting restraints on what political parties can exist? Surely we can rely on the morals and experience of the population to judge who is worthy/responsible enough to hold the position of Memeber of Parliment. Usually by voting for extremist parties (and this one seems to be one) the peoples are trying to send a message to the electorate that they are unhappy. If we stop a particular party standing for government then we become dictatorial, telling people what they should or shouldn't believe, or even what they should or shouldn't do.

    In all honesty, I'd let this party go ahead and hope the people have enough sense to stay well clear of them. If they don't it would appear that Holland has a problem.

    (Possibly this is a very naive view)
  13. It's nothing new, I'm afraid. The story of the little Dutch boy sticking his finger in a dyke is well known.
  14. I should also point out that in the US, NAMBLA - North American Man Boy Love Association exists as a pressure group to remove age of consent. Although parodied in South Park, it really does exist!