Political Funeral Etiquette

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. Yes - when its his turn theyll have to pay people to go

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  2. No - a day spent lazing in the Caribbean is far more important

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  1. I remember the good old days, when the Soviets were losing their Premiers every other year due to advanced age. You saw decent funerals then, with lots of intrigue about who was there and who wasn't.

    The Chinese put on a good show as well - one of their top brass who had fallen into disfavour was recently buried incognito, as he was still seen as in disgrace.

    So what happens when an ex-Cabinet minister dies, tragically young(ish)?

    Who should attend?

    Is it acceptable for his former leader in government to miss the funeral? Would anyone on this website fail to attend the funeral of an esteemed ex-colleague, even if the relationship was not always straightforward?

    Is Bliar really such a twisted little sh!t that he will spurn the funeral of a close colleague? Why?

    Is it because he has such little regard for concepts such as "honour" and "duty"?

    Or is it because it will be easier to stage-manage a later Labour memorial service?

    Or is it, as I suspect, for both reasons?

    The man is clearly beyond the pale and unfit to hold any office or responsibility.
  2. Maybe he wasn't invited!
  3. Wouldn't you consider it hypocritical for the PM to attend. They obviously had a falling out, wouldn't you consider it spin or stage management for Blair to attend. Seems he was damned either way.
  4. Yes, Blair is a total scumbag for not going. He's still on holiday; no doubt paid for by someone else. Look at Thatcher she wnet to Heath's funeral and they hated each other. He should have paid his respects cnut.
  5. To be fair, do you think Robin Cook would have curtailed his holiday to go to Tony Blair's funeral? (Hypothetically of course!)
  6. In my younger days, I used to imagine (in the words of the Elvis song) tramping the dirt down on Thatcher's grave. What a stupid pipedream that was, and a sign of the naivete of youth.

    Now, I look back and laugh, and don't allow myself to wallow in such impossible fantasies.... instead, I dream about jumping up and down on Blair's grave.
  7. Blair is leader of the Labour Party.

    Of course he should have gone. My only hope is this dreadful snub will hasten the ides of March. (preferably this side of Crimble)
  8. ...and the point of your post is?....
  9. OK, 2 points

    1. What the fcuk have you got to do with Thatcher you french tw*t?

    2. You're still a cnut
  10. Actually, yes...but only to make sure the box was nailed shut. :twisted:
  11. IMO Everyone entitled to time away from office but Blair should have gone. It looks worse that he was 'busy' due to a holiday and no due to something very vital or pressing.

    It wasn't the appropriate manner or time for Cook's 'bezzer mate' John McCirrick (sp?) to bring up the PM's absense either. I hope he had the decency to run the idea/speech pass his widow before he spoke out.
  12. What interested me about service for Robin Cook (who I admired) was;
    1. He did not believe in God yet the service took part in the High Kirk in Edinburgh and the head of that Kirk gave an oration.
    2. If my my old and damaged ears (over 20 yrs as an AT) heard correctly, the guys playing the fiddles as the coffin left the Kirk were playing the Internaionale.
  13. Think it's all like a 'spooks' funeral. You always get someone from head office detailed to turn up. When I asked why, I was told it's because they want to make sure he/shes really dead and buried/burnt and dead men take their secrets to the grave with them [hopefully].
  14. Wonder how long he had had hypertensive heart disease?
  15. "do you think Robin Cook would have curtailed his holiday to go to Tony Blair's funeral? "

    Don't know but I will probably book a flight back for Dear Leader if he does the decent thing an goes soon.