Political Cowardice

It would appear that PoD Mike Nip'n'tuck 'Getting more whacko like my famous namesake' Jacko, (plastic surgery ahem ahem, big roughy tough Para etc etc... ), has kowtowed to TCH & T BLiar once again. (All jokes about 'losing face', 'facing off' etc, more than welcome..)

Despite his standing firm on his decision to reshape the infantry (generally a good idea), he has agreed not to announce the disbanding and re-forming of the Scottish and remainder of the infantry regiments until the Black Watch are back home, thus saving the blushes of Neue Arbeit and ensuring that Teflon BLiar can wriggle out of any blame attached. He was due to make the decision public last week, Thursday apparently! Trouble is his little pixies are all squealing like stuck pigs and the secret's out!

pathetic...... 8O

we must get him out of office (blair, not jacko!!)

agent smith
I'd place the blame for this squarely at the hands of TCh . He wanted PoD to take the stand and face the press to announce the plans and take the flak for a political decision. And TCH's defence on this: " I only take political decisions and any operational isues are the remit of the armed forces". In other words: "I'm too cowardly to announce the changes I demanded".

PoD's review may or may not be the best way forward, but it was mandated by the politicians and the politicians should be the one's to face the public.
Can it be that anouncements on ARRSE are steering political events?
Shortly after this thread was posted, TCH & T BLiar come clean, albeit in a 'dirty' sort of way! *******.

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