Political Correctness gone Crazy! Janners Fight Back...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gundulph, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. The article linked below did have over 50 comments from people outraged that so called British citizens can complain about jokes, we all have that ability to laugh at ourselves, obviously these two do not. The comments have been removed!

    Muppets Linky
  2. So what was the answer to the second Joke :?

    Oh never mind, I dont really need to know! :wink:
  3. the answer you seek is,

    you take your foot of his head

    heard it in the playground honest :D
  4. Have you not noticed the little changes on that score over the last few years?
    Freedom of speech only applies as long as you are "on message"
    Expect the re-education facilities to be anounced just afte the next election to ensure you comply, I'm sure they will also ensure you are educated to vote appropriately too....
  5. Hang on - we are missing a point here. Harry Hill's joke book is going for a fiver on Amazon. 60p a joke (text back 10p so 50p profit) - only 11 jokes and you are in profit.

    I just hope BCO doesn't spot that and have the Arrse joke link on pay per gag!!!!
  6. Freedom of speach is exactly that, speach, ie talking. What people are demanding is the right of publication, a different kettle of fish altogether.
  7. Regardless of race, creed, colour or religion, anyone who pays 60p to get a joke texted to them deserves everything they get.


    "The students are considering legal action"


    No comment.
  8. Oh come on, that's bang out of order.... which makes it f*cking hilarious in my book!!!
  9. LOL as much as it is pretty offensive i think people should be able to laugh at themselves, i've listened to worse jokes than that about my grandad (who was jewish) and found them hilarious!
  10. Move along, nothing to see here, just muslims getting offended as usual.
  11. The answer to the second question is "NO" to which the reply is "Good" !
    Oops, how very politically incorrect of me, knowing a racist joke. If every joke about thick paddies, tight-fisted jocks and sheep-sh***ing welsh and unintelligible cornish were eradicated, we'd only have jokes about paedos, hookers, crabs and disasters....oops, politically incorrect again !!!!!!!
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Interestingly, the Telegraph today gently lets you know that Mr Abbas had sent 105 texts asking for Asian jokes.

    Bets on whether he was just really keen to hear the jokes, or just keeping going until he found something to be offended over?
  13. So what were the jokes, does anyone know? Interesting about the fishing for Asian jokes though.

    An Asian mate of mine told me a racist joke once:

    A white man on a zebra crossing; now you see him, now you don't.

    I was offended I can tell you, I can be even more offended if there's any money to be had.
  14. OK, black man on a Zebra crossing, now you see him, now you don't. How come that's racist but white man on a crossing isn't. Double standards.
  15. WTF are you on? You quite clearly haven't got a clue what you are talking about.