Political correctness-cause of a rise in the BNPs fortunes?

PC-cause of the rise of the BNP?

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Read this and other topics mentioned lately about the rise of the BNP. Could PC be the cause of this? A back lash to its stupidity at times?

Is this the possible cause of the fortunes of the BNP? As more people see PC being overtly anti-WASP, they vote for an extremist organisation which will represent their disgust?

I am in no way racist/facist or wish to present a racist opinion. This is entirely launched at PC and its problems, not other races or religions. Vote please but DO NOT ACCUSE ME of being racist!

Right, fuse lit and now to retire to the NAAFI to observe the lovely display! :wink:
Generally, yes. Anyone who's read up on the rise to power of the Nazis in Germany will be familiar with the way in which a combination of real problems and a perceived lack of will on behalf of the mainstream political parties to address said problems leads to increased votes for radical organisations.
I dont think too much blame can be laid at the feet of the PC brigade, its my view that the majority of the public simply tut when they hear the latest piece of PC madness, say the worlds gone mad then get on with their lives.

What is worrying is the current imigration and assylum situation. Alot of people percieve that the Govt has made a total balls up of the situation and consider that the immigrant is getting a better deal than them. Rather than speaking up, the silent majority may well use a vote for the BNP to get their point accross, not realising fully what the BNP stand for. A situation such as that worries me considerably.

The same as what happened in France with the far right really close to "take power" can happen here too. I don't think they will manage to take control but it can be pretty close.
Boney mentioned asylum, what really fùcks me off is that genuine 'asylum' seekers according to international law are meant to stop in the first safe country they reach. As far as im aware theres a whole bit of land called Europe between Britain and the majority of asylum seekers - or is there a reason the rest of European isnt benificial, sorry safe.

Genuine asylum seekers = yes, money grabbers = no
I am in total agreement with MMs post.

In my opinion the whole country has gone PC barmy. Take for example the police force. They are on record as saying that they are now actively recruiting from the ethnic minorities. Also, the army have an ethnic minorities recruiting team. This does not appear to me to be racialy equal. I am not a racist by any means, however I believe in treating everybody equally and these recruiting drives do not as they target a specific audience.

It all started years ago with the...it's not a MANHOLE, it's a PERSONHOLE and it's not a BLACKBOARD it's a CHALKBOARD rubbish. Since then it has progressively got worse and people are starting to ask questions.

People are in essense pack animals and will stay in their packs where they are comfortable with each other and their habits. Changes, some for the good, are being forced upon them and they are biting back.

Finished.......... for now!!
Agreed the PC brigade have only themselves to blame for the rise of the BNP.

I read today that a school teacher has been suspended from his job because he is a candidate for the BNP.


I am uncomfortable that a person is dismised and demonised for his/ her opinions. Sounds Orwellian. Cast your mind back to the McCarthy witch Hunts of the 1950s. Would they sack a teacher if he was a member of the Communist Party? I have witnessed a riot orchestrated by the Anti Nazi League and frankly they are animals. THEY charged the Police and were throwing condoms full of urine at the Police ( the riot was organised by people in the crowd on mobiles). Thing is that the ANL were demonstrating against the BNP and all they did was demonstrate to the locals what dangerous, violent bigots they are and ironically strengthened the BNP's reputation in the area.

If people are voting for the BNP it is because they believe that their views are not reflected in the policies of other parties. People have th right to hold an express an opinion in our community. If that opinion is extreme, then it will be dismissed. The exception to this is when political leaders advocate violence ( Hasma is an example of this).

I also object to the ITD on morals ( can't remember it's proper title). I find it degrading to sit around in a circle like a fecking Soviet collective and debate morals. Soon we will have political officers in units to ensure we behave "correctly" and vote for the "right" party. It is an abuse of power for the Army to sit soldiers down and lecture them on what their opinions should be. As a result most of us see this ITD as a joke and all of the sessions I have attended have degenerated into a slanging match and on occaisions breaches of discipline.

Fundamentally though most PC arguements end up contradicting themselves anyway and that is why it will eventually fade ( i.e. it's cool to support the ANC, but you have to ignore the fact that they are murdering, thieving, corrupt bigots who look after themselves in the same way the old regime did).

As for the leadership of the Met Police, they are so concerned about appearing PC that they are losing it. If you are a white, heterosexual male, why would you join the Met ?
EXCELLENT post Hooch. I couldn't have put it better myself.

The council stated that "teachers were allowed to be members of a legal political party" - does that mean that the BNP isn't legal?? What makes a party legal?
Democracy is a fickle tool to be used correctly or it will burn your hand off!

Can't remember where I read that but it seems to be coming true. I put this thread out because PC really pisses me off and as for that ITD.. :evil: ..

The vast majority of personnel in the Forces aren't racist and there were enough rules before PC to stamp on racism if they were used properly.

However the swing to be more PC has and will force people to register a vote to BNP and other more radical parties to show their unhappiness at the main stream political parties to address this problem.

And as for multi-culturism! That has created ghettos of ethnic minorities and the rise of the British suicide bomber!
Harsh but true!

I can remember an article on the issue of multi-culturism and the fact that the muslim youth of today has grown up feeling apart from mainstream society and so in walks the radical Iman and delivers to him/her a sense of belonging via fundimentalism!

Even as far back as 1995 in Bosnia I remember reports about the Mujahadeen being full of Brit and Aussie muslims.

When I said multi-culturism, I mean the local government attitude of the time to placing all the ethnic minorities in one location and allowing them to become insular. Not making them feel part of the community and a sense of being British.
The teech had a website on which he amused himself by posting statements denying that the Holocaust ever happened...you wonder what history lessons were like. "Today kiddies, we will be learning about the glorious Waffen SS, why Germany lost the war, and why that was such a bad thing!" I dunno about "PC", I suspect a lot of people who would give that as a reason do because it's a respectable one.
The best way to deal with the BNP is to listen to them. Their views are by and large so bloody awful, and they peddle their petty hatreds so proudly that all but the really stupid bigots believe them.

The time to worry is when they get wise and start pretending to be all warm and cuddly and unthreatening after all it worked for Blair.
I have to agree with 99.9% of the comments viewed on this subject. I have been saying, for a few years now, that the WASP's in this country are becoming second rate citizens in our own land. The stiff upper lip can only be sustained for a limited time before it collapses and there is a backlash from the 'silent majority'. Whilst in no sense being racist, I am prejudiced against ALL those who expect this country to provide a home, feed them and heal their sick and they don't even have the good grace to learn our language or contribute in any form to the society WE live in.

Enoch Powell warned decades ago about the streets running red with blood. I just hope that's all it was, a warning!
mushroom said:
The best way to deal with the BNP is to listen to them. Their views are by and large so bloody awful, and they peddle their petty hatreds so proudly that all but the really stupid bigots believe them.

The time to worry is when they get wise and start pretending to be all warm and cuddly and unthreatening after all it worked for Blair.
I'm no racist.

I live in a BNP target area and read their previous election leaflets, but they were the only party to really address local issues and not badger on about some closing some council building or putting one extra policeman on the street. If they hadn't been called the BNP I'm sure they'd have been elected - they dealt with issues important to the area.

But I feel the main reason BNP lost in my area was due to the competition not being asian. I've seen it in Bradford where different religious groups use the main parties to get elected but will represent their own cast/group.
Reading a few of the threads here, I can see that the BNP is telling people what they want to hear. Exactly what the Nazi party did in the 30s!

The BNP hide behind a veil of semi-decency afforded to being recognised as a political party. But the hidden meanings in their views and ideas are still evident and you only have to look at some of the far right groups associated with them-C-18 etc.

Still it may take one of them being voted in as an MP to get the government to address the root of this problem!

Yeah, right! :roll:
Saw something today in The Times that made my blood boil.

Jacqui Smith http://www.politicallinks.co.uk/POLITICS2/BIOG/MP_BIOGS/bio.asp?id=473 ,a junior government minister is advocating quotas for women in the workplace, in order to achieve "equality" , by discriminating against white men.

This is sick and reminds me of the Nazi approach in the 1930s. What next, will we have to wear badges so that people can refuse to serve us in shops?

She was backed up by a lecturer from a sink University, who said;

"...some people call it positive discrimination but it's the same thing - you're discriminating against the white male for the greater good"

I find this outrageous. What are we supposed to do, drown our male children at birth? Force women to abort if they are carrying a male child ?

And they wonder why extremist parties are gaining popularity.

Evil, sick b$stards :evil:
Jacqui Smith has spouted this sort of drivel before. Prior to being an MP and giving us the benefit of her wisdom on everyhing, her total experience was of teaching in the Midlands.

She represents a dire sink town, with poor educational results, a higher than average crime rate and quelle surprise, a high ethnic population.

Could this be a typical New Labour attempt to grab votes a) when the local elections are about to happen, or b) whilst Bliar's government is plumbing new depths of unpopularity?

She's a right moose, too.

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