Political conditioning of the British Public - Nulab/BBC


I can just see them sitting around the conference table with their bottles of Perrier; Home Office 'Minister' and her PR Advisers on one side, diverse BBC Media Studies advanced graduates on the other.

"Read these scripts, make the programmes, make them lowest common denominator", grits the 'Minister', caringly, "or be on your way to Al Jazeera".

Junior Media Studies grad pipes up: "Wouldn't that be use of the BBC to generate and broadcast, well, New Labour goodspeak?"

The 'Minister' smiles. "Junior, or should I say; 'unJunior', you have been tainted by doubleplusungood oldthink. Goodbye".

(Edit: paedophilia's irrelevant here, by the way...)


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Appalling - just seeking to rouse the unwashed into another series of house burnings so that more draconian laws can be passed (for our protection). If people want to really fouind out about these things then volunteer for the NSPCC or join the police. Cue more paedeatric doctors being assaulated.

Just wondering when the Beeb is going to include the nice family who have already circumsised their daughter and arrange her marriage to a man 40 years her senior. Of course it will be portrayed positivley as it is cultural.

Just wondering now how these morons get into the postions of influence they do.
There isn't a hole deep enough for soap script writers; this rather sinister use of shite populist TV is becoming depressingly frequent. 'Message' TV of any kind sucks a big dog's cock. There's a paediatrician on my street; can we burn him? :roll:
"or be on your way to Al Jazeera".
Although I do not get Al Jazeera on my TV, I do find it a much better News program then the Beeb when I watch it down my local.
parapauk said:
Any evidence of a connection? At all?
The connection is that Home Office press releases are being aired on the BBC newsite.

Collusion is more difficult to prove, but I would suggest that the script for Eastenders was written before the Press Release roll-out of "Sarah's Law".

Coincidence, perhaps - but I'm not the only one to notice how soap-opera storylines mirror Home Office press releases.


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And of course how many soap operas are preaching to us about how bad this is, or how that can affect you.

"If you have been affected by the topics covered in tonights edition of [insert soap title here] then you can call in confidence: 0800 blah blah blah where our trained operators are ready to talk to you."

The topic covered could be anything from dying of cancer, to being traumatised by a dirty sink.

Get over it!!!
Don't worry too much, only 2 more years and then watch the mass sackings at the top end of BBC management.
Do eastenders know that Garry Glitter is available for a starring role?

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