Polishing Lowas

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ches-fford, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Just forked for a pair of combat lowas from RV-OPS :D
    someone told me you cant use boot polish on them ?
    theres a boot dressing for them ? is that the case ? does it matter ? :?
  2. Of course you can use boot polish on them. They're leather. You're friend is a mong.
  3. Had mine for years, used polish (kiwi of course) from the start and still waterproof as you expect Gore-Tex boots to be.
  4. If they are gore-tex lined then what ever you put on the leather will not effect the waterproofing. I used to use a product (still do) called sno-seal it is beeswax based and you apply it to warmed leather so it soaks in the next day you can still get a good shine on them using kiwi but the leather is fed and wet proofed.
  5. butler, whenever I used sno-seal it just made my boots really sticky and I couldn't polish them properly. Personally I wouldn't recommend it, though that's probably just cos I'm doing something wrong...
  6. Is that similar to Kiwi Wet-Pruf?
  7. [​IMG]
    It is a very waxy polish that has to be applied on warm leather to allow penetration otherwise the boots are as quoted by iamalondoncrab sticky and un polishable. there are a lot of wet proofing products available I was not sure kiwi wet pruf was still available. It used to be good stuff I got a mirror finish on my army daps, at bovvi, with it. :D
  8. I will tell my mong hes wrong :D
    Polish it is then !
  9. I just nikwax moin larsts for a good few years
  10. But I am a bit of a scruffy cnut
  11. Dont use too much parade gloss, use the standard Kiwi stuff instead, and a bit of PG for that final finish

    I have never owned Lowa's (though when Niton's wear out I will get a pair) but parade gloss can soften boot leather TOO much!, meaning that the leather may tear or wear out quicker.

    Happened to a pair of my issued boots, but it could have been cos they are rubbish?
  12. The friend is right.... but wrong.

    All modern leather is treated and finished to be water repellent. It is also cut from certain layers of the hide to improve breathability. So modern boot leather, especially high quality stuff used by Lowa, is a breathable and water repellent as modern tanning and finishing methods allow. The Gore liner is just a barrier under the leather that is completely waterproof. Moisture Vapour Permeable (MVP) linings, and especially Gore ones, are designed and tested with specific leathers. If you want to let the Gore, or any MVP liner, do its stuff then leave the leather alone. When you put polish or any other substance on it (especially stuff like sno-seal which I have used for years on non-MVP boots) it reduces the breath ability of the leather. Yes it does improve the water replency of the leather but that’s why you paid the money for the Gore liner! Unlike old leather boots modern leather will go years without drying out and cracking.

    The best thing to do is to brush the boot with a stiff brush to remove the mud and dirt and wash with water. The Miendl desert boots are about to be issued with a stiff brush so that dirt and dust can be removed and let the boot breathe.

    Why is he also wrong? Well on paper what I have said above is correct but the difference between polished leather and non-polished leather on an air permeability test is not massive. The difference between the state of mind of an RSM if you turn up with dirty boots or clean ones is massive.

    The best advice I can give, based on many visits to troops, boot manufactures and my own experience is clean the boot off, put enough polish on it to make it look clean and then shine. I know it goes against the grain and for years I have been layer boots up, putting them on radiator to soak up the polish etc it’s not needed.

    On a unit visit we did find some people, who where issued with a combined textile, leather boot trying to fill up the cordura weave with polish so they could get a good shine on! Missing the point a bit!
  13. So basically what you are saying is do what everyone else in the world who owns leather boots does!
  14. yup, I realise this is not much of a revelation!

    If you ask an 'experts' they will tell you not to polish the boots; I suppose that’s why this question raises its head every now and again. But who wants to walk around in dirty looking boots? Just thought I would explain the reason should anyone be interested.
  15. I assume you mean just enough polish to keep 'em black and clean, but not bulling them?