polishing gongs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris_2oo6, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. whats the best stuff to get mine nice and shiny????

    i know your not supposed to use brasso but i've seen 1 or 2 people using it... opnions???
  2. Use a rubber (eraser not Johnny)
  3. Goddards silver dip, comes in a jam jar style available from tesco's approx £2.70
  4. Use a rubber on them. Which ones are you trying to polish? The CSM Iraq is supposed to be slightly yellow in colour, if it's that you are scrubbing.
  5. yeah its the telic one

    slightly goldish colour to it
  6. Blue tac great stuff
  7. It is supposed to be very slightly yellow in colour for some reason.
  8. The Iraq Medal is made from some shite metal maybe old mess tins?
    I have used a NON abrasive metal polish, the type you can polish chrome metals with, that works well on them.
  9. ah right, the fella i seen brasso'ing his had it almost a silver colour

    thought thats what it might have to look like
  10. nail varnish!!! tape around the medal so as not to varnish the material and coat your medals with your missus nail varnish, any colour. leave to dry for a few hours...make sure it is very dry!!! then apply another coat, this time wipe it all off with a cloth, in doing so it removes the previous layer of varnish too, hey presto, fecking shiney medals and as a bonus they seem to stay shiney for longer too!
  11. It will get a good shine if you use all sorts of polish- brasso as the box says is a no no.
    I've seen guys with very shiney NATO medals too!
  12. Once you've managed to get that special shine, wrap the gongs in clingfilm , airtight plastic bag or box to stop them oxidising and going dull.
  13. cheers for the input
  14. The next time you get your medals mounted, keep them stripped after you polished them, then go to a jewellery shop and have them silver dipped, you won't have to polish them again, I believe this is what the Guards do!
  15. I use a silver polishing cloth, less chance of getting shite on the ribbon as well if you have them court mounted