Polish passport valid id, My id refused!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theiftaker, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Lost my library card, visit library as I was Passing and thought to myself get a replacement as I had time to kill. Goes to counter joins queue behind a gentleman dressed in a fetching 80's style shell suit. Watch pantomime as with gestures and broken English, some french and german said gents applys for a card, His only proof of id a polish passport, no proof of residence(Rent book,Gas bill etc.) and is promptly given card. He now has the ability to walk out of the library with up to 14 items of books ,DVDs,CDs or computer games. I stepped up presented my items for return and paid my fines, I only get to go once a month so as they have a three week lending period I just take it on the chin. Explain I have lost my card, "not a problem sir, can I just have your name" . Give my name and then confirm the address and my date of Birth. She then brings up a list of all the outstanding items and totals up my fines. I return my items and pays my fines. I then ask to be issued a new card and get asked for id, produce my SIA license as its got a photo on it, 3 bank cards in my name and my council/Police id card which gets me into the town cctv and police station to be told I needed something with my address on. Pointed out that she was happy enough to confirm my address to pay my fines, and that the Polish fellow had'nt had to go through this palaver. I am then told that immigrants are given some leeway as they may have trouble integrating. How messed up is that? :frustrated: :pissedoff:
  2. Just another example of our multicultural society!

    Next time, walk in looking confuzed, apply Borat style accent and see how well you do.
  3. I had to leave as I was in danger of going "postal" as our valued allies put it. Will go back tomorrow dress like a break dancer from an 80's dance film but with slip on shoes with tassles on and try your suggestion.
  4. Loony Labour or Liberal borough by any chance?

    If a Tory controlled borough, please name it and an article approximating to the pointy things that lurk in Trident submarines will find its way smartly to the Chief Executive.
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Strong suggestion ... don't get fines. Than you will be treated like an unusual member of British Society, and go to the back of the queue.

    You have worries ... I live in the Channel Islands [loads of Poles], I'm British with a British passport but a Jersey Driving Licence ... that gets difficult!!
  6. Sintellins is very much in the Tony camp, but the liberals are gaining ground.
  7. Oh mate dont get me funkin started...when I first moved back to UK after a few years serving in Germany. I went to PHONES 4 YOU to attept to start a moblie phone contract.

    Whilst sitting at the desk with the spotty 18 year old gimp, I noticed another dodgy 80's shell suit wearing type bloke, whom I idetified (because of past experience) as an albanian. It also came to my attention he was askingfor the same sort of thing I was intending on getting.....

    After being asked to produce something with my name and address on (driving Licence) and bank details, I was then asked how long I had lived at my address.. so I told him (2 months) he then asked for my previous address, so again I told him .... ***** Regt, **** BFPO ****. I was then informed they didnt recognise this and did I have another address.."Well no" was my reply... Gimp boy then asked "can you not give me your parents address?" ....

    Mate I left home at 16 I'm now 32, I would be lying. I was told in the end they couldnt help me with that contract but I could have a pay as go phone, ya know the ones only 11 year olds can be trusted with!...

    I got up slightly annoyed, but noticed my breakdancing Albanian counterpart was grinning from ear to ear as his phone was handed over....

    I politely asked the breakdancer if he was from Albania or the Kosovo region, he said yes, I asked how long he had been living in UK, 6 months he told me... I then quizzed the red faced spotty little scrote about this and was informed the same as you were, they are allowed, due to immigration.

    God I wanted to snap the little tw@t..... Some credit for the brave boys and girls who serve our country eh! Obviously applies to all forces! :meditate:
  8. Well Marky 13 weeks left on my phone contract and will not be going to Phone4u.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I left the RAF I opened a bank account with the Ulster Bank.About a month down the line I got a letter asking me to call in & see the manager.
    So I goes in.
    "We've had to close your account" Says suited smug bank manager.
    "You've no credit history.Have you had a bank account before?"
    "A German bank account with the Sparky & a Halifax account" Says I.
    "Sorry,not good enough.That'll be £12 charge to close the account please"
    (as I had'nt been paid,I only had about 2 quid in the account)
    "You can f*ck off!" says I & storms out,straight to payroll to change bank.
  10. Please DON'T start me on immigrants - I HATE THE FCKRS.

    The HATE really runs through my veins at some speed. We're totally over run and infested with the fckrs here. They get priority over EVERYTHING.

    I can spot the parasite, thieving, stealing, ignorant, arrogant, no tax, no insurance, drive like a idiot, smelly fckrs a mile off by the way they walk, dress, haircut, facial bone structure, openly urinate in the street, drive illegal taxi's ETC ETC.

  11. LOL that is screwed up! I am disgusted! strange, for some reason after I read the OP the scene from 'Airplane' when the terrorists go through the security sensors with rocket launchers and machine guns without hassle then the old lady get frisked popped in me head LOL, that's what it's getting like!!!

    dress up as Borat! hahaha
  12. @ theiftaker; I've just "failed" my Home Office enhanced disclosure as it turns out some crim has "similar" details to mine. I'll be going down the cop shop in the next few weeks to get fingerprinted to satisfy the HO I'm not Mr BadObnoxiousJockGit. What really surprises me about all this is that this bloke served in the same regiment as me, has the same Army number and has been a Crown Witness about a thousand times? Or is it more likely the vetting mong didn't bother to read the pages of bumf I supplied as requested? There is more fun in the offing as Jockland doesn't do the SIA thang until November, when, presumably the same department make the same cock-up.

  13. Green Mankini and a tash????
  14. a Police Sergeant Neighbour of ours assured me he has been told to "Turn a blind Eye to Asylum Seekers and Immigrants in general" as they cause too much hassle with paperwork and the like, i.e. :frustrated: :spiderman: they really are above the Law
  15. As an aside 'did you know that 'immigrants'!!! Can apply and get a 'loan' from the dss to buy a car!!!! This is because its reckoned as they cant speak the lingo they would struggle or be embaressed using public transport so the state gives them money to buy a car, have heard it can be up to 5 grand, do you reckon they ever pay it back????
    Oh and a colleague of mine was selling a car a while back and he told me a borat lookalike turned up said he wanted it and then showed him the DSS cheque for 3000 snots, said he would be back when he had cashed the cheque. My mate told him to fcukoff and not bother!!! :frustrated: :threaten: