Polish immigrants - a story

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hairy_Hacker, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. The long-haired OC went into town today with our 17 month old.

    Whilst waiting at the bus stop to return home a Polish 'lady' and gent were being quite vocal about how rude the British are etc. No-one at the bus stop said a word. This Polish bint then pinged the wife asking where she was from - she answered truthfully - Germany. Now the wife is a padbrat who was raised in Germany until 17 by her Gunner dad so she has a bit of a neutral squaddie accent etc. Satisfied the wife was not British she proceeded to say words to the effect "aren't the British rude and terrible, can't stand them, country is shite" etc.

    Whilst said Pole paused for breath the wife proceeded to verbally tear her a new arrse.
    "Do you have a job?"
    "Your husband?"
    "So you're both here taking British money from British workers as benefits, you've probably been given a house and lots of other goodies too and you then turn around and slag them off? If you don't like Britain or it's people then why don't you fuck off back to Poland!"

    Pole proceeded to storm off dragging her hubbie along and once at a safe distance turned around yelling "I'm going to report you for being racist!"
    To which the wife replied "Go ahead love" and waved to her.

    An ovation went around the bus shelter with many folks a with people saying they wished they'd thought of doing it etc.

    A couple of things - firstly I am fiercely proud of my wife for her actions.
    Secondly I'm disappointed people have the scrotes to act before a woman with a pushchair stepped in.

    A point to note, the automatic reaction of our Polish guests was to scream "racist" - picked up some tricks with their benefits then.

    I'm not going to get into the whole immigrant debate but having lived next door to a Polish war veteran who post-war settled here in Swindon and worked to retirement on the railways I have to say I thought Poles to be 'good eggs'. Sad to see the latest wave letting down the country so badly.

    All I have to say really -I am lucky to have a wife who makes a stand. Won't give me a blumpy though. :evil:
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I must say hats off to your missus. I share your frustrations with our citizens lack off balls to say what they think out loud. Fair play to her. I pretty much shared your opinion of the Poles having worked in a town with a high percentage of Polish WW2 veterans, stand up guys. Blair has changed all that im afraid, I drove through a local town today and the whole place has changed beyond recognition with large groups of "guest workers" to borrow a German expression. The demographics are completely to pot as is the amount of cash the council have to spend to compensate for this effect.
    I deny utterly that im racist in my feelings I see a lot of Poles working their t*ts off doing jobs my fellow countrymen are too lazy to do but i cant help but wonder where it will all end.
    As for slagging us off for being rude, i have heard one Pole being quoted as saying "Im going to bleed this country dry and then drop it like an unloved mistress". Now thats what i call bl**dy rude!
    The only racists at that bus stop were from the land of the good plumbers.
  3. Seconded

    That's the problem though isn't it? That's what Bliar's government has created, people too scared to say what they're thinking for fear of the "racist" tag and possibly a visit from the dibble.....

    That or some little scally cnut pulling a blade on them if they dare to speak up...
  4. Chavs are chavs are chavs, whether they are Polish or British. Bloody well done to your wife, wish I'd been there. Try going to Poland and getting handouts. If they are doing what Britons won't so be it, if they are simply idleing and dole collecting then its the next boat out. Your wife's made me proud to be British, bloody fine woman.
  5. in my line of work engineering/construction i have a lot of dealings with the "foreign workers" a lot of them are good tradesmen but the thing that gets my goat is they are not affiliated to any trade organisation or union and in a lot of cases they are undercutting the british workers who in some cases spend many years gaining the national quals for someone from outside to nip in a steal a contract from under them.in most cases these firms cannot check their trade papers or training courses as they are mostly in their native language or in many cases fakes.i think things could turn nasty in blighty if things remain the same.
  6. Kudos to your wife for standing up and being heard... far too many are not willing to confront problems like that.

    Alas, no nationality has the market cornered on lazyness... there is a percentage of every population which will attempt to sham along given the opportunity.
  7. It's all in the welcome pack...
  8. msr

    msr LE


    Easy solution: Get your Health and Safety manager to run a course then hand out test papers. Fail anyone who cannot pass and bin them off site. H&S trumps racism! HSE will confirm this.

  9. my 4 year old could pass the safety passport scheme mate!these foreign workers don,t hold cscs or safety passport cards anyway and you still see them on major projects,and i,ve worked all over the uk.safety before profit .........what a load of shite! :x
  10. Try living here in Lincolnshire, it'll certainly give you a different view of them. I absolutely HATE the fckrs - and I mean HATE as so do many others who live in this area. They cause so much trouble. I could go on but I'm fuming after reading your post.

    Must admit though, am proud of ure missus - good on her.

    BT. :x
  11. Try living in my house, 8 of them next door in a 2 bedroom house!
  12. i think there must be millions of eastern europeans (Romulans as i call em)here now. they seem to be in every village and town in the UK.

    I see them going up and down my quiet road with back packs and suit cases. and there seems to be more and more foreign cars appearing in my road. There's loads of them on the roads in general too. they all drive like Cnuts, they don't give a Fcuk as they aren't insured don't pay tax and the police have no way of catching them (the police can't be arsed to catch them anyway)
    The reason we were on a hose pipe ban last year was because demand is so high.
    They are crammed into rented houses. even sleeping on the kitchen worktops.

    Civil unrest is on it's way. Be warned
  13. Really? I used to demand documents, same as I did with everyone else.
  14. Not round here. one hit my car, cut me up at traffic lights.
    the police officer who attended said they had no way of being sure if the ifno the romulan provided was legit. and that i would have to see what my insurance company could find out.

    I got a letter from the police a few weeks later saying they were not going to prosecute him, and my insurance have been unable to claim from him.