Polish FM fears Russian attack, calls for American troops.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. http://www.wbj.pl/article-47370-minister-sikorski-wants-more-reassurances-from-the-us-and-nato.html?typ=ise

    It's interesting that Western main-stream mass media don't report this news.
  2. I have read it in the papers here, but still... Sorry Sergey, you guys are yesterday's news.

    Blow up the Chrysler Building or something, then we'll pay attention.
  3. But if Russia does kill even just six American soldiers the US will be obliged to react in some way or another. And an attack on Poland would be considered an attack on all of NATO irrespective of whether there happened to be any septics in the way at the time.
  4. Dear friend, would you be so kind to put here references to reputable news-sources (like BBC)?
  5. Its OK, no need to call the US: we're all now part of the EU superstate, and our EU army can deal with any crisis* under the leadership of the soon-to-be-annointed President.

    * Oh.... er..... so long as its not the naughty Russians threatening to turn off the gas taps to the Reich....
  6. It tells us something about the reputation of the modern BBC that they are being cited as a "reputable news-source" by our FSB intern!
  7. I'm sure Ivan would not mind of a Brigade or two was sent to Poland.

  8. Idrach, I sincerely believe that BBC is high quality news-source.

    By the way, BBC-Russian places this news at the top. Moreover, it will be discussed with listeners today 5pm (8pm Moscow time).
  9. ... or to Kent to smuggle cigarettes.
  10. Sergei

    You are showing worrying signs of a sense of humour.

    Kindly desist at once.
  11. By the way a pack of Kent costs about 1 Pound here in Moscow.

  12. Sadly, the EU would debate the issue, dither for a considerable period, then, ask NATO (the US) to take the lead. The EU would spend too much time on ROE, menus, health and safety considerations, and so on.

    I suppose that if France or Germany were threatened, the EU would get excited.

    And on the topic of the media...the BBC is starting to resemble CNN...a mouthpiece for the Obama administration, or global warming hoaxsters.
  13. Thank you Rumpelstiltskin. However, it is not exactly what I asked for. It looks as the statement made by Polish FM about invitation of American troops goes unnoticed by main mass media.
  14. And these troops are coming from where?