Polish elite murdered by NWO?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Picasso, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. So there were no bodies around the crash site nor personal belongings.
    So were the Polish elite even on the plane?
    Gunshots are heard- one each for the plane crew?
    Where are the bodies of the missing?

    Extraordinary videos-

  2. Polish TV journalist Slawomir Wisniewski who was among the first to reach the crash site of the Tupolev plane containing key Polish military and civilian figures, including the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, has said that he believes there was no one on board the crashed plane apart from the crew.

    In an interview with a Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita (RZ), he said he saw no evidence of bodies or personel belongings.

    “There was no sign that 100 people had been killed by the crash,“ he said.

    “There were no seats, suitcases, bags, simply nothing and above all no human remains and there was a terrible silence at the site,“ he said.
  3. Another film of the crash site that appeared on April 11 and that was shot by a Ukrainian journalist using his mobile phone also shows no sign of bodies. According to internet reports, the journalist died in hospital in Kiev after being attacked with a knife and after his life support system was disconnected.
  4. Where are there no bodies and belongings in the film of the wreckage?
    What were the four sounds of gunfire?

    These shots-

    Why was the man who shot this footage murdered?
  5. Like it or not, the New World Order has been said repeatedly by every major leader for years.

    Controversy as to what the NWO actually is abounds. What is true though is that it exists.

  6. They took their time getting this conspiracy out.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. All that secret conspiring, and nobody remembered to bring the sound moderators. You just can't get the henchmen, these days.
  9. heres the real conspiracy,

    i thought the commies did for the polish elite years ago.

    so am i right, these fruitbats resurected them so that they could kill them again and then try and cover it up?

    thats clever
  10. Oh FFS, no! They haven't finished the Sikorsky conspiracy theory yet and they've started a new one.

    It looks like undercarriage and wings to me. I'd have expected to find broken fuselage and bodies further along the debris trail. An expert on air crashes, which I am not, will be along shortly.

    At a guess, maybe the shots were the military shooting at dogs or wild animals that had were enjoying the unexpected windfall of fresh meat? Are there bears in the woods and what were they doing?

    The pilot tried to land in fog and fcuked up, that's life, not a conspiracy. Were Diana and Elvis on boord?
  11. In other news lizards from outer space are reported to have taken over japan and cyclops is nominated for a come dancing award to add to his vc and 3 bars.
  12. No but the cia team who planted the explosives in the wtc were. Thats why you dont see their bodies becoz the was spooks.
  13. Sixty

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    I believe the problem is that instead of proper fully trained 'henchmen', the NWO went for cheaper 'minions'. Saves money on pensions and wages you see.

    The downside is that this type of bungling becomes all too common when planning a conspiracy of this size.
  14. You think I'm falling for that?
    Order one of those and all you are doing is giving them your address.......
    They will also know you have one and turn up the power on the satellites pointing at your house.
    You must think we are all daft or something :x