Polish Dannatt Resigns


The head of the Polish army has resigned after a dispute in which he accused the government of failing to properly equip troops in Afghanistan.

Lt Gen Waldemar Skrzypczak also said ministry officials' knowledge of war was limited to the movies...

...Gen Skrzypczak publicly accused the defence ministry of incompetence and failing to provide his troops with modern helicopters and other military hardware.

He resigned after the defence minister, Bogdan Klich, told a news conference that the general had admitted his criticisms were a mistake.

Gen Skrzypczak said he stood by his remarks.
I wonder what's so different in Poland that he felt he had to resign, rather than fight the politicos in the press?
Maybe he reached his limit when the defence minister starts telling the press that he said things which he didn't.

Edit: not knowing how the strings between government and military go in Poland, perhaps he was made to jump before he was pushed.
eodmatt said:
But at least our generals are well supplied with vowels.
Thats about the only thing I admire in BBC newsreaders: imagine having that name shoved in front of you just before the lunchtime bulletin....

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