Policy Violations?

Does anyone know what the rate for duty hire car travel costs are on JPA, the last few claims I have put in have been pulled up for 'policy violations' with a message saying that the claim has gone over the daily allowable limit. So how the fcuk do they expect me to travel from Exeter to Portsmouth for next to nothing? I filled the hire car up, at a cost of £20.00, put the claim in and now will be audited (AGAIN!!!!!!!!), not that I mind being audited (its just a bit of a nause to have to keep going to my unit auditer only for him to say something along the lines of "oh, dont worry mate i'll clear that one now), but surely its about time someone sorted out what reasonable fuel costs should be (I know that they don't put the MMR up when fuel goes up so maybe thats where the problem lies)

Rant over
You could always get a Fuel Card from your MT and negate the need to claim it back :D

However, it is best to be audited every time you put a claim in, that way you can forget about it and don't need to file it somewhere safe for the next 2 years !!

A Policy Violation is not an automatic pull for audit though (as far as I am aware !), it just means that it will need to be authorised prior to being paid to your bank.
I had the same problem and it was a pain even though i kept all my reciepts (hotel, fuel and food) - topping up hire cars then claiming it back on JPA is an automatic audit!- thats the officil policy I'm afraid. I managed to apply for an mt fuel card and since then my last 3 claims have not been audited

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