Policy on signing people into camp.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by specle, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. right i dont know whether this is the correct place for this question.

    I am currently living in z type accomodation and usualy have my long term girlfriend signed onto camp for a few days suring the week ( she works weekends)

    but recently they have just told us we are no longer aloud for them to stay over night, even though i can get her an unescorted pass?

    is there any written rule apart from part 1 orders or any special circumstance where this can be changed?

    thanks in advance.
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  2. Get married and move into a MQ. Problem solved. Next!
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  3. Unfortunately these issues are at the discretion of the camp commander. You're stuffed!
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  4. Specle, forgive my ignorance, but what is z accomodation?
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  5. Accomodation for Z Germans!
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  6. It's where you get some zeds.
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  7. Ask nicely in the Guardroom. They generally have a few bedrooms for conjugal visits. Very clean, too.

    At least, I think that's what they're for.
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  8. That's what I was thinking... this site does attract them!

  9. z type is a room with toilet and shower. and at the getting married just to get a house is not an option for me. i couldnt afford it for start

    would be worth going to see the ssm? and explain that i dont have another option?

    after all the only reason for the stoppage is some lad kept his gf on camp for months and was a little scrot bag.
  10. Thank you for that. But, alas, Zero Over's reply is correct. The Camp Commanders decision is final.


  11. Changed that for you :)
  12. Smuggle her in and keep her in a ******* locker - what's the matter with you man?
  13. Go and see the the SSM. Put your case succinctly (few words, but meaningful ones) and don't take any shit from him. Tell him that if you don't get what you want, you will take the matter to the CO.

    Let us know how you get on.
  14. Somehow I don't think that will help. He'll probably get to see the C.O. right enough and there will probably be some words spoken to the effect "Do you accept my reward" and there will be some doubling out leftrightleftright with shouty men. Might be better if he just washed out the old **** sock.
  15. Specle, unfortunately fella, the CO has the say in this, and with the experience of having had to enforce this previously at a large camp, it is put down as a security issu. In that camp, the rules were that Guests and Visitors were to have left camp by 2300hrs weekdays and 0200hrs at weekends. This obviously was not enforced rigidly as we had GF/BF Wives and husbands stopping in SLA on regular basis. However there SHOULD be a policy that allows you to apply for a long term visitor via your CoC, normally for a weekend etc, but unfortunately at my place this had to be put in 48hrs in advance and was a bit of a buggerance so no one actually did! Anyhoo, the regulations were generally ignored until someone messed up and then it was trotted out and waved in everyone’s face again. My advice would be to go and speak to the SSM and ask if there are any provisions to have a PERMANENT Spouse or Partner stay over occasionally without all the security bollocks n such. He may be able to help, or he may tell you to man up, deal with it and fall out!! In my experience, the policing of this matter will invariably die down after all the fuss is over and after a few weeks, GF’s and BF’s will be back in the block overnight again. Just wait it out!