Policy on Helmet Cams

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Army_Rizzle, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Whats the policy in Herrick on the wearing of helmet cams at the minute? Im on about civy ones, like the Go Pro HD.
  2. Ask whoever you are going to deploy with, simple!
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  3. Ask whoever you are deploying with (as above), if you want to put it on tinternet (youtube etc) then it is supposed to be cleared through Media Ops this mainly due to OPSEC, PERSEC, protecting TTPs etc. Alledgedly whatever you record is Crown Copyright as they are paying for you to be there although I reckon this is but a rumour.

    Ask in advance "out of interest" is your best bet.
  4. Not a rumour - gen, and applies to photos as well, any time that you're on duty.
  5. How do you clear things through media ops? Can anyone just send their tour montage off to get a yes or no?
  6. But very difficult to enforce.
    Listen to OTAG or your RSOI FFS, they have the latest persec gen.

    Just go on youtube and look for paras/ marines* fighting taliban to see why your not allowed to post film of what your bases look like, especially with all the info that is embedded in film/ photos these days.

    *Other units with poor persec on early Herricks are available.
  7. Go and get your Media Ops rep, normally an attached junior Officer who has been epicly dicked in the BG, and he should forward any material to Meeja Ops, higher i.e. Lash or Bastion (who are allowed to clear stuff, normally viewed on fast forward). AFAIR Media Officer isn't allowed to clear his own blogs!
  8. Just paint water colours and write poems like a real veteran.
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