Policy Directive 16

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 252_me, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I've just spent my last 45 minutes or so perusing the aforementioned document. I was was quite interested to notice that JNCOs in the Bns will now be reported upon by their Sect Comd and Coy Comd. Maybe a bad thing, maybe not. It's a lot easier to be the best LCpl / Cpl in a Coy than it is a Bn!

    But...... I was quite surprised to see that SNCOs in certain units can now have a CR written by their OC and CO, both of whom are scaleys, and end up with no INT CORPS representation in their CR. A JNCO can have a signals employing officer and OC writing a CR with again no Corps involvement.

    Not that I have anything against the signals* but I was taken aback when I read this.

    Please discuss.......

    * On the contrary, I have everything against the twats!
  2. I had great and cr@p reports from both Sigs and Int over the years. I really don't think it makes much difference what the capbadge of the writer is, some people write better than others that's all. There is comprehensive guidance given for all people who are part of the reporting chain. Where I got a poor report it was down to me being a tw@t (yeah I know.....)
  3. Your right Warrior - it is down to who writes the thing although clearly if you are serving in a high-profile job (SRR/DHU/SF) this also makes the CR stand out even more when it is written well. In my long and slightly distinguished service I have actually found that non-Int Corps ROs actually write much better CRs - perhaps they are easier to bulls**t ??
  4. correct me if i'm wrong, but is this anything new? if you've a Pt 1 and Pt 2 written by outsiders, you get a Pt 3 written by a Corps Lt Col e.g. SO1 INT CORPS. or are you saying this will no longer be the case?

    had this situation several times over the years and it's never done me any harm pfffffffffhhhhhhhhh :) (sorry, couldn't keep a straight face)
  5. If your Pt 1 and Pt 2 are written by 2 signals officers they are not deemed as outsiders! My (albeit limited) understanding is that this is new.
  6. The problem is not so much in the writing style but in that the CR may be treated in a different manner by RSigs than it would by the Int Corps CoC.

    In the mid 90's I very nearly didn't get promoted to Sgt when I was at 14 Sigs as I (along with another Int Corps Cpl who we'll call 'N') had not done the EFP course due to being away for most of the previous 12 months on ops. The problem was that although the Int Corps would accept this as an excuse the RSigs would not and the RSigs sqn OC refused to write a covering letter.

    It was only through 'N' ringing up the Glasgow and impersonating the Sqn OC that the situation got sorted.

    Having said that, the vast majority of my CRs were written by RSigs types and they never got it wrong - they all, to a man, said I was cr@p.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Absolutely right. In the far off salad days when I was an SO3 G2, I had to write the report for an RAOC photographer who had been promoted to Sgt a few months before his reporting date. He was a good guy and the tenor of my report was 'Sgt X was an outstanding Cpl who is developing well... blah blah blah'. This would have been absolutely standard in the Int Corps for good NCO who was clearly going places, but this guy was beside himself with grief when I showed him the draft, because in that particular trade, it operated on a dead man's shoes basis and anything remotely adverse, i.e., it didn't say: 'this man combines the photographic skills of David Bailey and Henri-Cartier-Bresson with the military skills of Rommel', and his career was fcuked. I took some advice and changed the report. Different Corps and trades have different reporting conventions, and a good report writer has to get to know them.
  8. I agree with the above, though in the case of Corps personnel it can be somewhat easier to impress a non Int Corps RO especially if he/she is used to writing up 'cough' other capbadges. That said, if like the soldier decribed at the beginning of this thread you are in a situation were RO1 and RO2 are non-Corps then it is a good idea to identify who exactly is going to do part 3 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on your arrival in post. If whoever you are working for doesn't have a clue as to who that should be, then identify someone yourself (preferrably an officer who you know and get on with). A spot of self-preservation never goes amiss in these circumstances!
  9. Absolutely nothing new about this at all. If you are under a R Sigs OC and CO you have no Cap badge involvement on your CR. Also if you serve at JSSO then your first RO may be a Crab-type and your second a Scaley; again no cap badge involvement. Never done myself nor a number of others any harm at all. In fact the worst report I got was written by two snot hats!!
  10. So how does it work if you are at JSSO or somthing like that and your chain of command is crab-types do you get your CR written by said crabs?
  11. Perhaps they got it right! ;) On a serious note I did make the point in my second post about it being my limited understanding that this was new. Sometimes I'm so glad I'm not a darksider!
  12. I have been overhearing my boss talikng about this quite a bit and his line was that without INT CORPS input at Pt 1, 2 or 3 then INT CORPS soldiers were being quite badly disadvantaged on promotion boards - dont know what anyone else has heard - doesnt bother me at the moment :)
  13. Just had mine written by one of my Corps Lt Col, so maybe its just in the pipeline for you to go have an interview ?
  14. I might be thick but I thought I explained that?
  15. i find that incredible. i have at various times had Pt 1 & Pt 2 ROs who were an RAF Group Captain, civvie HIO, a Cavalry Maj, Royal Engineers Capts & Lt Cols, AAC Majs & Lt Cols... always always always had a Part 3 written by an INT CORPS Lt Col.

    not that the board ever turn the page and read the damn things :)