Policing powers to be devolved to Stormont ‘within months’

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A series of steps leading to the devolution of policing and justice powers “within months” was unveiled today.

The DUP-Sinn Fein agreement paves the way for the first Executive meeting in five months to take place this Thursday, after mounting and prolonged criticism across Northern Ireland society.

Under today’s agreement, the Assembly Committee dealing with the nuts and bolts of the transfer of policing and justice would ideally complete their work by January — including how the implementation will be financed and the ways in which the new Department of Justice will function...

...In some cases, particularly in relation to the thorny area of the 11-plus, agreement still seems some considerable way off.

There had been speculation the entire issue could form part of a further review also including curriculum issues and the schools estate, with a shrinking pupil population.



And this is relevant to Multinational HQ how exactly?

Last time I looked Northern Ireland was part of the UK....

Regardless of that - this forum isn't the place for quotes from thrid party sources with no additional comment by the poster.

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