Policing on the cheap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HHH, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

  2. So exactly the same problems will happen as with Pcso's. Security guard "Whats your name?" Chav drinking white lightening "Feck orf tosser". Cue Guard having to call for a real police officer.

    Pcso policing on the cheap. This is Pcso lite.
  3. Agreed, what a pile of bollox. Wait til the first one gets filled in for thinking he's Charles Bronson or Robocop, it'll end in tragedy.
  4. This isn't anything new. Chief Constables of police forces have had these powers to train and 'accredit designated persons' such as Private security guards, Door Staff, Mall Security Guards with certain legal powers for a number of years now. This all came in under the legislation of the the last Marxist-Leninist Labour Muppet Party of the UK. I doubt if Call-Me-Dave and the Limp-Ducks coalition will be in a hurry to repeal any of this legislation..
  5. This legislation's been in place for some time. I'm surprised that it taken this long for it to happen.
  6. Because senior officers realised how this scheme was going to end in tears as security guards with minimal training think they're riggs and murtah as others have said it wont end well you cant replace a trained copper with anything other than a trained copper i think that this and PCSOs when let out on their own are a high viz speed bump that either do the same calling in as the public or look like a deterent which dosnt realy work anymore as the little scum no they are worse than useless in most situations. How long before we see a security guard in hospital or in front of a judge for wronging the scums humman rights by the way they used their powers? and going down for longer than the scum who was up to no good in the first place.
  7. Speaking as a security bod, If given any of these "Powers" I would just say "Oh lovely" and crack on as alway and pretend it never happened. I'll do police stuff when they kit me out with CS, Batons, bodyarmour and most importantly they give me, and I'll use a technical term here "Shitloads more Money".
  8. Great timing,yesterday it was announced that G4S were awarded the £100m contract to provide security to the 2012 Olympics.
  9. Where I work we used to have an ex-squaddie security guard, he used to wear something akin to a webbing belt with torch, radio & keys hanging off as you would imagine.
    He also had a set of hand cuffs in a QR pouch "Just in case!" however as I pointed out to him he was a civvy and if he came anywhere near me with them I would be within my rights to defend myself and to then see him in the dock for his deeds he didn't speak to me after that!
    Would you really want this type of idiot protecting you and yours?
  10. They've had the contract for over a year now, I know a few blokes working on it.
  11. this reminds me of another forum I used to use, regs looking down on PCSOs, PCSOs wanting to be regs, specials moaning about how parks constables shouldn't have batons but specials should all be armed and everyone crying because security have cuffs

    the community accreditation scheme is actully quite a good idea, security will be as proactive as they fancy, as a poster above mentions thanks for the extrapowers and never use them

    it is an offence under the police reform act to assault or obstruct an accredited person, 6 months in nick or a 5K fine personally speaking I feel to many people treat security in this country as wannabecoppers, in reality I dont feel thats the case, the more protection that can be given the better if that protection comes in the form of a short course and additional powers then so be it would it be an issue f the articel was about stabvests for security? think of this as another layer of protection, you'll always get the guy who buys kit off ebay and tucks his trousers into his boots, they just won't be getting accredited
  12. A poor decision, in my view. Security guards are not policemen. They're trained in a completely different skill set, and they aren't bound by the same professional standards.

    Anecdotally, I know several security guards and they aren't of the maturity or calibre that's needed to possess power over people. The power and authority excites them. For example, one has reflective stripes and a 'SECURITY' badge on her personal car. And, because the full extent of their role is to enforce these few powers, I would expect then to be extremely petty about it.

    I can see this one escalating as it becomes the norm, and ending like the Stanford Experiment.
  13. I was flicking through the telly channels a few days ago.There was one of the "Coppers with Camcorders" type shows on.We were transported to the exterior of some grim nitespot in some grim Northern type town.Outside was a door supervisor (seems they don't like being called bouncers anymore cos they have SIA tickets)And the bouncer had flourescent body armour with Security written across the back,a utility belt to make Batman jealous.Various pouches,a huge torch and handcuffs in quick draw rig.
  14. but people like that will always try and put theselves into postions of authority and power, lets face it some security have always dressed as close to police as possible, within days of the proposed national police uniform being announced, some security were out buying brandnew black fleeces and the banding to put on them
  15. you should've seen the pouches I was issued with my old duty belt, pouches do no harm, torches should be limited to 2cell IMHO, cuffs totally legal for anyone to carry as they aren't Off weapons