Policewoman sues man who called 999 during suspected burglary after tripping over ker



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why not sue the maker of the clown shoes she was obviously wearing - is vorderman suing the maker of that wall she face planted?
Two points; surely the police should have kept her safe by not sending her out in the dark and why do the police always send their best athletes to investigate a burglary? Take it she couldn't see where her feet were due to her waistline being in the way!!!


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Was she trained by Kent Police?
Fat fugly **** should be euthanised.

Can't believe the Police are so desperate for numbers that they let oxygen thieves like this through the doors.

Whoever let her in should be disciplined and then made to put his mistake right by issuing her with 1 x 7.62 straight into the middle of her minging fizzog.
Is that a SPAR???

******* hell that is nostalgic, Ive been away from the motherland for 5 years and I still recall the smell of a spar, composting week old vegetables...
I just stubbed my toe on the kitchen chair........... I will be taking Ikea to the ******* cleaners, nowhere on the chair does it say "This will hurt like **** if you catch your little toe on it" - *******, where is thier duty of care............

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