Policemans son who wrestled flasher to ground is arrested

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ukdaytona, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. A teenage boy who wrestled a "flasher" to the ground after the man allegedly exposed himself to his female friend has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

    Nathan Smith, 17, claims a half naked pervert jumped out on his 15-year-old pal Abigail Ward with his underpants wrapped around his ankles.

    The music student and another friend, Jason Hughes, 15, pinned the man to the floor and made a citizen's arrest before calling the police.

    Officers in Tamworth, Staffs, arrested the man on suspicion of indecent exposure and took him to the local police station for questioning.


    Makes you ask why bother or, they should of given him a kick in the nuts first...
  2. They should have just kicked his head in and left him.

    The flasher exposed himself to a 14yr old girl and no action is being taken? I am outraged.

    The question is, when they held the flasher down did they leave him 'tackle out'?
  3. I knew a bloke in Kiddieminster who used to teach a woman's Self Defence class. One of his students was waiting at a bus stop late at night when a man walked up and exposed himself to her.

    She kicked him in the balls so hard she ruptured them! 8O

    Good Drills! :twisted:

    She called the police who arrived and found the guy trying to crawl away on all fours. Apparently the police had a hard time arresting the guy as they were laughing so much. :rofl:
  4. Shhhh, You aint seen me... Roit?
  5. I don't know if I'd have been able to beat him off.
  6. How dare anyone stop a perverts human right to expose himself to young girls, who do those 2 lads think they are, protecting someone from a deviant. Under Liebours Gov't criminals have human rights, victims and those that obey the law don't.
  7. Don't be silly...that would have caused him humiliation,and been an affront to his rights and his privacy dontcha know!!
  8. Well done! 8O
  9. I'm also left confused...
    The lads did the right thing, they couldn't let the sick man just walk on after he did that to the little girl.
    ...but I feel a strange sense of sympathy for the poor bloke lay on the floor being held down by two lads, with his wanger flopping round slapping the cobbles. Perhaps I'm the sick one.
  10. Fairly straightforward. I believe young Nathan represents what is known in the business as 'low hanging fruit'.

    Why simply arrest the flasher when you could arrest the lad too? Chances are, he'll swiftly be intimidated into agreeing to accept a caution or penalty ticket. Hence brownie points all round for chalking up another 'detection' with virtually no work required.
  11. You have to be 18 to make a citizens arrest. Their getting what they deserve.
  12. looney; you are indeed a looney. Anyone can make a citizens arrest, as long as the 'citizen' sees the 'offender' committing an offence. And these lads deserved it, by doing their civic duty did they?....mmmm.

    You are a slack jawed goon. Go away and point at an aeroplane.

    For what it's worth (probably not a lot) I suspect that this , er, offender has made a counter-allegation as no further action was taken against him. I worry that there has been some sort of procedural c**k up, and his solicitor has seen a way for him to a bit of money from the compensation that the police will most likely award him.

    I hold my head in despair.
  13. flasher arrested - one crime reported, one caught, one sanctioned detection for copper.

    flasher alleges assault, plod arrests, boy given warning but NFA, two sanctioned detections for copper

    Or am I just being cynical?
  14. Now marco stop being a police walt, you're not even a PCSO are you....take off your fake uniform step away and tell your mummy you've been a naughty boy again.
  15. I wasn't supposed to post that here!