Policeman wins £1.54 compensation....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Airfix, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Why doesn't he sue for getting a paper cut off of the cheque - should get a couple of hundred thousand for that!
  2. It probably cost 100 times that just to process the whole thing
  3. Is he giving it back then :?

    Thought not.
  4. Amazing the tricks the mind plays-I read the title as £1.54m.

    that tiny m got slipped in by the subconcious.
  5. Here you go mate, at least you can afford a box now.

  6. #

    He should frame it, I would. Justice displayed, UK style.
  7. Unless I am mistaken, having read the article, he should be getting further payments of 1.54 a week until the full amount (which is not mentioned) has been payed off.
  8. He's lucky to have got anything......they hardly ever pay and the courts hardly (by that I mean never) chase them up.

    Unless they're a pensioner who's not paid they're council tax, then look out Grampa it's the Pokey for you.
  9. Yeah, it caught me out too. That's a decade of ingrained cynicism for you.

  10. Nah, you'll find that they're now taking the pensioners houses off them, selling them and taking the money that way.

    The payments of fines and compensation should be treated like bail money, if you can't pay a £500 fine/compo then you go inside until you can get the funds together, this crap with paying a fiver a week is an utter joke, i've seen these clowns in court, they steal a car, drive it round dangerously and then burn it out and they get a £250 fine, suspended sentence and 3 years d/q from driving (even though they don't have a license!).