Policeman knocked over by speeding car...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Circus_Pony, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. That looked painful! Hard as nails the plod. I reckon he got lucky, must have seen it coming, backed up but still got hit, and how! The plod on the steering wheel should have just run the car thief? over, job jobbed.
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  2. The DT is lifting stories from Inspector Gadget's blog at a pretty furious rate. Lazy bloody journalists!
  3. Would have to be a traffic bobby wouldn't it. Now I'll have to stop giving them stick for being fat lazy bastards. Or not which is more accurate.

    [whisper on] "Good Drills" [whisper off]
  4. This happened to a colleague of mine once upon a time. However the difference being my colleague never got back up for over 12 months and now works for a tele sales company. This bobby is extremely lucky.

    Its nice to see the mutant got a decent sentence (Fnar Fnar). Dangerous driving alone carries 24 months however attempted murder (What I'd have gone for, carries significantly more). Interestingly by getting up and walking (running) away from this the bobby did the piece of shit a service. Had he have played the game, lay on the floor vomitting and pissing himself they would have had more to play with in a court.

    What a weird society we live in hey?
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  5. Worth reading Inspector Gadget's blog for the details:
  6. It's clearly an Armed Response copper on loan! :lol:
  7. Nah - He'd have been 15 minutes too late because he was on a super set with the 80kg's and looking in the mirror for extended periods of time.
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  8. Good lad. Looks like their Danish video needs to be recalibrated though. Why are they buying Danish video cameras and not British ones?
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  9. Note that they parked the second car in such a way that the arrest didn't take place on camera ;-)
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  10. I have always hoped that the coppers accidently fall on the scroats thigh bone snaping it and therefore rendering said scroat unable ever to run again.

    "Sorry guv I slipped on the wet grass"
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  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  12. Inspector Gadget is the first site I check in the mornings when I log on. This one just made me despair. That's several women who will require constant and expensive support and financing throughout their lives, when a double tap with a 9mm could solve the problems in a jiffy. The guys who have been raping the six year-old have never even been taken to court. The guy in the first article got one month in clink for running down a copper (plus some extra time for the other bits to be fair), and the bloke who got some foam on Rupert Murdoch's suit got six weeks FFS!

    What really makes me reach for the keys to the Outrage Bus is that the guys raping the six year-old do it week in and week out, it's planned, expected and done in complete knowledge of the effects it's having on the kid. It is an act of deliberate sadism and nobody seems empowered to do anything to stop it.
  13. Or sat in a Starbucks chating up the female staff
  14. Harsh but true!!