Policeman hospitalised by International Terrorist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Ghillie, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. From The Scotsman:

    Bush grazed in fall from bike

    GEORGE Bush suffered grazing to his legs and arms last night when he collided with a Strathclyde Police officer while cycling in the grounds of Gleneagles Hotel.

    The president was 45 minutes into his ride, shortly after arriving at the Perthshire hotel.

    His wheel slid on a wet patch of ground, resulting in the scrapes. He was treated at the hotel by the White House physician and was able to fulfil his evening diary as planned. However, the police officer needed to be taken to Perth Royal Infirmary after sustaining a minor ankle injury, although he did return to duty.

    The president spoke to the officer for some time at the scene and was intending to telephone him later, according to a police spokeswoman. The bicycle Mr Bush was riding suffered some damage.

    S0 - Yesterday, while the massed black ranks of honest Peelers were enjoying a traditional British square go with the great unwashed, an International Terrorist masquerading as the Leader of the Free World used a bicycle to assault a policeman . The brave copper ended up in hospital, while the offender was rewarded with a splendid dinner with (stands up) HM The Queen.

    Is this justice? Should he be allowed to escape punishment so easily?
  2. To 'US'... Dubbya's just 'Domestic'...
    (Also stay away from his 'Segway'!)


  3. That copper is probably profoundly grateful, a busted ankle a small price to pay in return for an epic tale he'll be drinking out on for the rest of his life!
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    What a claim
  5. Why is he dressed to exercise when all he has to do is keep his balance? Do you have to wear sweats if you have an inner ear infection now? I'm confused?

  6. According to my source amongest the Heather GB turned out to be a top bloke, staying with the guy until the medics arrived and ringing him later to apologise. Also Not nearly as thick as you would think seeing him on TV.

  7. He doesn't even have to do that. The Segway is self balancing.

    George has crashed the self balancing Segway. Well done George.
  8. He's professionally thick.
    Some focus group result means that he says nooklee-ar instead of nuclear.
    And so on and so forth. He's a media/PR construct.
  9. I think this is a brilliant tactic - force your opponents to underestimate you. Clever, very clever. He didn't become a multi-millionaire and President of the US by being thick now, did he?